Daniel: Russian soccer team - helicopter with no tail rotor

A helicopter without tail rotor, at least in the present times, can't go anywhere.
Thats how I saw Russian Soccer team in its game against Spain, the Russian team where not going anywhere, and lost control, and lost a lot of times the ball, they look like novice players sometimes, they didn't know what to do, their attacks where few and too soft, the kind of soccer that makes gols only with good luck, not gols the result of team work.

It was clear in the Spanish team that their diagonals are very dangerous, I was praying that Joaquin would not enter.

The Spanish team knew what they were doing, and have players that show their style of play like Puyol, he is not one more player, he like others show their style in their game, they know what they want, and how to do it.

Thanks God Raul and Morientes are not very effective.

I waited 2 years to see the "czar" Mostovoi but I was like he wasn't in the field, he did nothing, I didn't see anything good.
The only good thing was the change of Sichev, who could not receive the ball because it was wasted all times with long shoots from the defense.

Sichev, was alone against Puyol who is a courageous player and won't let anybody pass so easily.

But well, the thing that is more important to me, is about HOW to TRANSFER the Russian Soccer in an international Power in just a few years? This is the reason of my letter to PRAVDA, to discuss this, not just to critic the Russian Team, but ro recognice it was a shame, a disaster and not to say things like "it was just 1 goal" Russia have been always a Superpower in Sports and Soccer MUST reach again and surpass the levels of the Soviet ERA.

How Russia could achieve this goal? The political Support could be the key to this success?

What effect produces a good or bad economy in the soccer players of a country?

Can the Russian style be improved very fast like the history of Russian in ice hockey?

I vote for the political support, ideology, better life style (no vodka, no smoke, no drugs)

Daniel, Ecuador

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova