Anonymous: KGB must be looking over your shoulders

Can you slant the news any more in one direction? What have the Russians done the last century so wonderfully? Bunch of failures! Thank god (humanism) you have lots of nukes! You certainly don’t have anything else to keep you on the world stage! Your country is slipping quickly back into a dictatorship and your rag (PRAVDA) is all for it!! America has been the greatest positive force for freedom in this world in the 20th century! So go drink your vodka commi- crybabies.  
The trash you print is insulting!!! Why should our emails be not insulting!! If we can handle reading your crap, why can’t you handle any back!

G.W. Bush has got balls!! Which is what Putin, Chirac and the rest don’t have!! Remember -tough times demand tough talk! If Kerry gets in he will be another Jimmy Carter- he will be walked over like a doormat! No wonder PRAVDA wants a Kerry presidency!  He has a rubber backbone!!  

Are you guys at PRAVDA too scared to cross the Kremlin? Does Putin write this trash himself under a pen name?

The KGB must be looking over your shoulders while you writing your propaganda!!! You are not pencil pushers, no, you are Putin pushers.

God has blessed America because in stands by Israel! Russia doesn’t! They would rather side with the Muslim crazies! PRAVDA is right there with them hand in hand!!!

A pro-America paragraph has yet to be written by PRAVDA! The hatred of American freedom and might are laced throughout! The USA has done many times more great deeds for this world than its missteps! PRAVDA can’t admit that! It wants to demonize the US!
You guys are independent thinkers, nobody is pulling your strings (not!!) if you don’t watch it the Kremlin will send the editor and staff to Siberia for re-education! They say it’s cold there!!


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova