Abu Ghraib: New evidence

Cover-up by US Forces of systematic rape of innocent Iraqi women

The Workers Communist Party of Iraq has presented PRAVDA.Ru with fresh and new evidence about the practice of systematic rape of  innocent Iraqi women in the infamous Abu Ghraib prison.

One of the party's leaders, Houzan Mahmoud, claims that the many stories about the rape of women by coalition soldiers, claimed to being fakes by western sources, are in fact true. "The live evidence of their crimes is now emerging...Recently the news from women prisoners who have been released from jail and have either committed suicide or were killed by their own relatives have shocked us".

Traditionally in Iraq, the belief is that rape brings shame to the family's honour. Further evidence is provided by the fact that some of these women became pregnant while in jail. "The most backward and inhumane values once again are reborn with the emergence of the occupation which has provided the platform for the islamists to inflict and impose the most misogynist ideas and norms on people", claims Houzan Mahmoud.

Certain citizens have vowed to take revenge by offering large sums of money for the kidnapping of allied women soldiers, so that they can suffer the same kind of degradation.. "The USA's and the Islamist's methods are both sadistic, oppressive and are both the two sides of one coin, both of them are crimes against women and they should be stopped".

The US soldiers have provided these women with the most hellish existence after their release. The women who they raped and whose lives they have destroyed face social exclusion due to the fact that the US occupation has drived Iraqi society back into the Middle Ages, allowing retrograde forces to rule in the void they created. Many of these women will prefer to commit suicide than to face their families, many others will be killed by their relatives because of the shame they brought on them and on their country.

Why? Because they were raped by American soldiers, in prison, as punishment for crimes they did not commit. Under the orders of the regime in Washington.

The women seized by the US Armed Focres had not committed acts of sabotage. They were arrested just because they were related or married to elements of the Ba'ath party and were taken into custody for questioning. As it is now common knowledge, "questioning" by the US Armed Forces, given the nod by the Pentagon, includes the systemic and systematic use of torture.

"When US Forces raid a house and fail to find a suspect, they will often take away his wife, sister or daughter instead", claims Houzan Mahmoud, adding that "What has been happening in the prisons of Iraq is again showing the hypocrisy of the US government and its false and inhumane justification for occupying Iraq".

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov