D Slavovich Ratz: American propaganda

Dear Editor,

Retired lieutenant colonel perhaps believes Russia "fought and bled for every meter of their land" and "repulsed every invader", but that's just not so. 

Russia's Korean Peninsula, Port Dalny (now Lьshun, China), Russian Finnish lands, and area where Poles lived are just some examples of Russia's Sovereign territory.  I can see why E Albert despite that would state what he did:  Soviet Union was not willing to let Korea fall (even if they just were down to the North).  Much of Poland that had Russians was incorporated into Soviet Republics, and the rest was treated much like a state.  Finland although not incorporated into Soviet Union, was still neutral none the less.  However, that's not the case now.  Just look on the map.  Estonia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, and hand full of others are bound to be on the map.  When ethnic Latvians make up only 57.7% of "Latvia", and Estonians are only 65.3% ethnic Estonians that leaves a lot of others.  That leaves "500,000 non-citizens" in Latvia alone.  That's an ethnic Russian Latvian that gave birth in Latvia, was himself born in Latvia from a parent that were also born in Latvia striped of her "citizenship".  American alliance planes are flying by our "new" border there right now, keeping the "status quo".  If Cherokee Indians (what's the tribe in California?) were given independence with the rest of California's residence, and the Cherokee decided "well let's keep the citizenship to Cherokees, who cares them non- Cherokees' grandfather was born here, they ain't citizens, and yes let's not put any type of naturalization into place for a while". 

Add to that Russian fighter planes patrolling the California Nevada border and that's pretty much what we have.  "Fought and bled for every meter" of our land?  Yes, but we didn't "repulsed every invader".  As for Ukraine, in five months she's have an American "first lady", and the Russian Navy will be attacked at Crimea.

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova