P. Smith: "Proud not to be American"

In the comment made "Americans and Canadians are laughing at you - 05/29/2004 13:43" does not reflect this proud Canadians point of view.
In that comment you can hear the shear arrogance and ignorance of the so called free American capitalist mind. I think the Russians are a great and proud people and have alot more history than the American people. The Russian people went through alot throughout their history and still came out strong in the end.

I am proud to call myself Canadian and what this Socialist state stands for. What do the Americans have to be proud of? War and destruction of people and nations in the name of American democracy. Free America is starting to look like a lot like Nazi Germany with G.W. Bush as Fuhrer dictating to the nations of the world what is right for them and say it is all
in the name of democracy. In reality America wants nations to become states of America in the name of capitalism. They do not care who they have to destroy to get it. Before America demeans other nations, they should take a look internally at their crumbling morals and family values. To the rest of the world, stand strong against the American Capitalist war machine.
P. Smith

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova