Kaj Krinsmoe: New democratic fuel urgently required

Slowly Americans begin to see what they're involved with. So, what now? Baker and Botts, Texan law firm, greased US High Court to put the Neo-con regime in power. Now that power is slipping what grease can stay the Neo-cons in power?

The Gulf War. 12 years of UN embargo on Iraq. 11th. Sept. The Iraq War. These are steps in Neo-con/Zionist political engineering - the hijacking of US democracy.
Conspiration! Well-orientated Americans would vehemently deny it - because of the painful truth.

The question is then - will the Neo-cons let power slip into the hands of the opposition come November in gracious democratic order? Or will al Qaeda be ushered in for another spellbinding job? Don't forget, bin Laden is still around. A useful threat to humanity will not be allowed to die just yet. And, thank God, His man is in the White House - the champion of the free world, is on the job.

The political engineering options must incorporate the interests of US oil industry and of Israel. Political synergetics. The interests of US armament industry is basso continuo in US imperialism and is so persistently present that it is hardly ever noticed - not even when they bumped Kennedy off. Howard Hunt, CIA's paymaster, could have set up a booth in the park in Dallas to pay the hit men and the good people of Texas would have thought "oh, it's legitimate".

Another 11th. Sept. in USA will probably make Americans think and therefore it'll backfire. After all, they're a bit hardened by now. But a job in Israel could possibly precipitate a favourable demagogic imperative. It must inhere that incandescent conjunction of shock and outrage and precipitate toward the redeeming reaction.

Officially Zion used 5 - 6 million Jews to create Holocaust. Yet, there were only 360 000 Jews in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia in 1939. Dr. Kastner, the Hungarian Zionist, sold 800 000 Hungarian Jews to Eichmann, yet at the German invasion there were only 380 000 Jews in Hungary. The Zionists cheated Eichmann grossly. They protected him in the Jewish community in Buenos Aires, and when Israel needed him for an international promotion they just picked him up, flew him to Israel and hung him. And all the international political cake wives intoned "Hallelujah, justice is done" when in fact they murdered one of their faithful servants. In Poland there were maximum 1.1 million Jews after the German invasion. So, where did they get even 5 million from?

The state of Israel must either expand from its present doomed ecological constraints or submit to the realities that as a spurious, ethnic luny bin it has no future. If Israel expands without a glorious pretext to justify it, preferably with hundreds of thousands of neo-Khazars offered on the anti-Semitic altar, then the European political cake wives will have to shout out loudly and start the boycott process, or they'll be relegated to the ranks of Arab leaders.

How will al Qaeda handle such a task without their consulting guides becomming too glaring in the homogenous environment of Israel? How about Global Hawk technology again? Or a few three-stage CIA devices, like on Bali? That Libyan Colonel seems to have pre-empted this sort of situation, and come clean. IAEA can virtually testify - "it wasn't Libya done it."

According to the Bible there are divine solutions for the righteous, and for the Chosen Few there are promised saviours, but the time-table is missing.

When the international Jewish glee club supports Israel on Earth it is not out of intuition nor yet based on historical experience. It is entirely motivated by the imperious, ideological dictate of sneaky, ignoble terrorists, who flourish on the illusion of anti-Semitism. Genetics proves that 95 % of Jews in Israel are of Turk-Mongol extraction. Their forefathers never set foot in Palestine.

The Christian world warmly supported the idea of a Jewish homeland - so long as it wasn’t on their land. That's just the crux. Cause and effect is morality. Bringing ancient barbary to Palestine is spiritual anachronism. Evolution is a spiritual phenomenon. The more they try to revive past glory the more glaring the barbary becomes. Truth is always written in the spirit and today media parrots the spirit. Can Zion reverse spiritual evolution? Only in luny bins.

Kaj Krinsmoe

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov