Anonymous: Mr. Hamod put bias and contempt against victim and American government in his article

While reading the recent article by Sam Hamod posted at your site, one also comes to terms that his article makes one realize about the treacherous people we are involved with in this middle east skirmish. It was not sufficient to slaughter a defenseless young American entrepreneur in front of the world cameras, Mr. Hamod had to put in the finishing touches with his article bias and contempt against the victim and the American government with his lies alluding that the victim may have been someone else murdered by someone else, etc. Lets not forget about who started all this with the murder of thousands of innocent people on 9/11. This article from Hamod
which you recently displayed is an offense to the intelligence of the average reader, for it almost appears as if the author is addressing his text to a very naive and gullible low intelligence audience. The fact is, the Arab terrorist took pleasure in savagely murdering in front of cameras a defenseless young American civilian. The terrorist leader also made a point to gloat this hideous act to the world including bragging that he personally murdered a defenseless American in cold blood. Some common sense reasoning would also lead one to conclude that this innocent person was held captive for several days, enough time for the terrorist cell to get their approval
to proceed with the murder from their headquarters somewheres in Arabia. Our government should stop wasting time placating the Arab audience and really should concentrate on going out and getting the money greedy murderers who
started this all by slaughtering thousands of innocent people on 9/11. Hamod 's treacherous article is a further step towards convincing us that Bush may have been right all along, that Iraq is centered in the middle of the terrorism hive. On the other hand, maybe Sam is an American double agent with objective of swaying readers opinion towards Bush. Either way, I find the murder of innocent people sad events in our civilized world.

PRAVDA reader


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova