Hayden Parsley: Poverty is rampant in the USA.

As someone who was born and raised in the United States of America and who has lived here for forty some years, I just had to respond to the letter from Felipe Ramirez dated May 18, 2004. 

Mr. Ramirez comes off as the stereotypical propagandized American who believes wholeheartedly that the United States is the closest thing to utopia on this earth.  Balderdash.  A quick look around oneself while one's eyes are open will reveal that this simply is not true.  Poverty is rampant in this country; the number of homeless people in the streets increases monthly; the violent crime rate is sky high; the justice system puts falsely convicted people behind bars and puts criminals back on the streets.

The United States may have been at one time in the distant past the greatest democracy in the world but that hasn't been the case in many years.  Every election since I've been eligible to vote with the exception of Jimmy Carter has been the choice of the lesser of two evils. 

The Spanish people recently voted out a government that refused to listen to the will of the people in favor of a leader who wil do as the people wish.  Some consider this a victory for terrorism but it was a victory for Spain.  Bravo to the Spanish people for choosing what is right for them.  I was shocked to read a letter from a Spaniard claiming that the United States is still the best democracy in the world.

We don't have this choice here.  Bush and Kerry are merely two sides of the same coin. 
Hayden Parsley

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova