Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Slabodam: We must oppose the USA

As we see from the moral outrage of the beheading of a (very likely spy) Jewish American by the shrill American masses,we again see a double standard emerging. Yes indeed as a human we should feel revulsion when any human dies in such a heinous manner as Mr Berg met his demise. But I ask where is the revulsion from the west when a certain Osama Bin Laden then under the pay of the CIA beheaded Russians in Afghanistan? Was it ok then when the mercenaries of America beheaded Russians?

Is it OK when US planes and artillery behead Iraqis in Fallajuh with shrapnel? Where is the american rage then and now?

Where was the superficial American rage when the Chechens decapitated Russians?

Where is the rage when the jews decapitate Palestinians with missiles?

It seems America has clearly only rage when 4 mercenaries which I call freedom fries are torn apart by the people of fallujah as was Mussolini and his Mistress after the Italian Liberation a fact that has been repeated through out history when so ever a foreign oppressor personified today by the fascist USA, under its moronic president acts wish such barbaric middle ages behaviour, which if your not blinded, does represent the american people in mass.

Today as in the past during the time of Hitler and Napoleon, we as people must see the dark looming threats the USA represents as an evil entity in the coming millennium.

In my view, at some time decent individuals such as ourselves have no choice & will be called upon to fight, (in whatever manner resistance takes) the fascist oppressor, we have no real choice!! Its either we prepare to do moral battle with the forces of evil the or we subject ourselves to slavery directly or via proxy.

In fact, the term as the admitted Pinac document doctrine admits "full spectrum denomination", to me it means slavery under  more and more oppressive proxy governments that rule us under US instruction.

We must as humans oppose the USA when ever and however we can!! The USA does not control our hearts & minds we shall prevail. In ending one should say that when" When unlawfulness murder and oppression is condoned by the only and Final superpower, ... Resistance is mandatory.           


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