America faced with the truth

Media forces American public to reflect.
Much criticized for taking an exaggerated stance against the behaviour of the USA in Iraq, the media is responsible for uncovering the truth which the Bush regime tried to cover up.

While it is a fact that what is going on in Iraq is by no means a judgment of the American people as a whole, it is most certainly a judgment of the behaviour of the Bush regime and is a chilling insight into what the future holds for the USA and for the world should this regime be re-elected in November.

The media is largely responsible for bringing to the public eye the systematic abuse of detainees by members of the US armed forces after the governments on both sides of the Atlantic tried desperately to cover up the acts of torture perpetrated by their soldiers.

These acts however were not perpetrated by one or two or three rogue elements but have been commonplace at Abu Graib for a considerable period of time, since most of the incidents reported took place at the end of last year. Certainly, the American people are not to be judged along with these
deviants, although their choice of vote in November will be closely scrutinized by the rest of the world.

Duped into believing Bush and his evil regime once, the American people will be seen to be conniving with this regime and the horrific incidents for which it is responsible, should they vote Bush back into power later this year.

Many Pravda.Ru readers have sent us letters claiming that the media has exaggerated the issue and that the Bush regime has a strong record, then try to justify the acts of torture by claiming that atrocities took place in Chechnya or by the beheading of an American earlier this week. These incidents have nothing to do with the outrage against humanity which is the Bush regime as a whole.

The point is that the Bush package per se must be wholly and totally rejected. It is wholly and totally unacceptable to invent lies to serve as a pretext to invade a sovereign nation outside the auspices of the UN Security Council. It is wholly and totally unacceptable for the Bush regime to lie to the UNO, lie to the world, lie to its electorate, forge documents and bully UNSC member countries to back its illegal war.

It is wholly and totally unacceptable to slaughter ten thousand civilians and to maim and mutilate thirty-five thousand others by dropping bombs on them or by machine-gunning their cars, to destroy hospitals, to target civilian infrastructures, to destroy medicine banks, to deploy cluster bombs in residential areas, to leave unexploded ordnance lying around for children
to pick up.

It is wholly and totally unacceptable to detain people without trial, to torture them, to sexually abuse them, to humiliate them. The Bush regime has broken the Geneva Convention and the UN Charter, the Bush regime is guilty of war crimes and mass murder.

The cases of torture are like the cherry on the cake and come as no surprise whatsoever to the majority of thinking people outside the USA. Certainly the world media coverage reflects world public opinion which is wholly and totally against the Bush regime because it responded in the worst possible way to the terrorist attack on 9/11.

The world is not a safer place, the world is much less secure now than it was before Bush and his corporate elite clique snatched power from the democrats, feathered their own nests, cost the US taxpayer two hundred thousand million dollars and destabilized the Middle East, leaving a void which is bound to cause chaos and terrorism for decades to come.

The world is such an unsafe place for George Bush that he dare not step off an aircraft in most countries and indeed, his latest trip to his closest ally, the UK, saw him secretly scuttle out of Number 10 Downing Street, fearing for his safety, the only leader in history to have fled through the back door, during a tour in which his official state visit to the UK was restricted to three streets of London and a hurried visit to a heavily-guarded pub in Tony Blair's constituency.

This was before the cases of torture were leaked out to the Press. Therefore the Press coverage has not been biased or exaggerated, but truthful. Nobody is blaming the people of America - but the people of America will most certainly be blamed if they return George Bush and his evil, murderous
regime to power.

Enough is enough. The rest of the world is looking to the people of America to exercise their vote with responsibility, because in performing this act they are writing the script for the forthcoming four years of world history.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova