"To survive, Russia should respect its men"

Dear Editor: 
The greatest capital a nation has is its people yet the power elite in Russia simply do not understand that. For example, it defies comprehension why new conscripts into the Russian military are treated with utmost brutality by those above them resulting in many injuries, deaths and suicides even among officers. Then you report that 14,000 women are killed annually by their spouses. Obviously you do not see the connection between the two. Do not for a moment think that you can treat young men with brutality in the military and expect these same young men to treat women differently. Violence begets violence.
You know very well that demographics are not on your side. Every young man that gets killed in the military means the loss of the formation of a family unit. The losses become staggering over a year and a decade. And that is a terrible blow to Russia. At the rate that the elite are destroying young peoples' lives indicates that Russia will not survive the enemies at her gates.
America has encircled Russia and China is eyeing those vast empty expanses in Siberia. Both are biding their time. When they strike maybe a decade from now it will swift and terminal for a greatly weakened Russia.

Andy D.



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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova