Vale Zapatero!

Spain's Prime Minister shows courage and integrity

Josй Luis Zapatero wasted no time in fulfilling his pre-election pledge to the Spanish population which elected him, namely to pull out the Spanish forces from the illegal and murderous campaign in Iraq at the earliest possible opportunity.

With a green light from his electorate, who were never in favour of the war in the first place, Zapatero did exactly what he promised, bringing Spain firmly into the same fold as Moscow, Peking, Paris, Berlin, Brasilia and Buenos Aires, among others, the community of nations which regard the UNO as the correct place for crisis management and which approach international relations on a basis of a rule of law, discussion, debate and dialogue, not arrogance, bullying, blackmail, forgery and mass murder.

It takes courage to assume a position as Zapatero did, while it is an act of cowardice to bow the head and mumble "Yes, sir!" to the orders of the Bush regime in Washington, a criminal clique of murderous war criminals who are controlled by a corporate elite which gravitates around the White House and the Pentagon.

Remembering his election promise, Zapatero declared yesterday that "In March 2003, more than a year ago, I made a public commitment, which I repeated in February.

I said then that in the event of my being elected prime minister by the citizens (of Spain), I would order the return of the Spanish troops from Iraq if the UN did not take charge of the political and military situation".

Vale, Zaptero! More, "The government, inspired by the deepest democratic convictions, does not want, cannot and will not act against or in disregard for the will of Spaniards.

This is its main obligation and it is also its main commitment". A message of total political integrity, a message proclaimed loud and clear to the sickening bunch of a sniveling sycophants which kow-tow to Washington's every demand as it spreads its tentacles around the globe, using NATO, the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, as its lackey, playing with and making a mockery of the national assets of its member states.

It is thought that the Spanish contingent of 1,300 troops could return to Spain within weeks, once the Defense Minister has solved the logistical questions.

Full marks to Josй Luis Zapatero, who can now concentrate on internal affairs and use his Defence force, with a capital D, to protect Spain and Spanish interests and not fight Washington's wars on foreign soil.