Letter: A message to the Taliban.....

Gaiacomm: A message to the Taliban, Osama Bin Laden, Hamas, Sadam Hussein, Alqueda, State of Israel, United States of America, Mother Russia, All other so-called Terrorist groups and countries that support religious ignorance.

It now has become quite apparent that the confusion and ignorance that infests so many humans on this planet has now become the most viral disease that has ever-infected mankind in all of history.

Wars have been fought, lives lost, incest spread, rape, murder, cover-ups, deceit on all fronts, geopolitical blackmail, and numerous psychotically and physical atrocities committed against so many innocent people that inhabit this planet.

Terrorist groups have been formed and financed by individual wealth from various nations, businesses and individuals that have only their self-serving motives in mind. Racism is fostered by people who are ignorant of their ignorance and all other forms of manipulative control on all of us. Constitutions are just words and not deeds, manifestos are not supported, and regimes are controlled by maniacs and idiots.

WE The People on this planet have the right to change anything that causes pain and suffering and the systematic reduction of our civil and god given rights to FREEDOM.

The United Nations is controlled by the United States of America, the US Senate and its underlings are controlled by the money moguls globally. President Bush is a Puppet controlled by numerous puppet masters. This also applies to all other leaders and instigators that “think” they are in control.

Israel is doomed according to the Bible, God has turned his favor away from Israel, and the proof is that there is no Moses, David, or Solomon to guide Judea.

Israel and its allies will be crushed according to scripture and according to the events that are unfolding each day. Peace in the Middle East will not occur until honest dialogue and the presentation of the original maps of Judea and Samaria are exposed to see the tribe divisions. Jerusalem was and is part of the land of Judah stolen by Israel thru crafty persuasion. The Land of Judea belongs to the tribes of the descendents.

The USA needs to remove its presence from all nations that wish it so, and allow the self-rule of the peoples that inhabit the lands.

If the above-mentioned individuals and Nations do not listen and change the current social, economic, religious, political arena then a revolution of unprecedented proportions will be levied on all responsible parities without any regard, absolutely!

The people of this planet must be rid of all infections completely in order to be healed.

You readers ask yourself these questions, are you TRULY happy, do you have everything you really need, are you really FREE, can you always tell the TRUTH, do you want PEACE, do you have enough money, are you employed, do you have enough food, a place to stay, do you have REAL friends, can you make a change, are you sad, depressed, lonely, widowed, do you miss someone that died, do you wish that someone would listen to you when you speak, do you have ideas, do you want to die, are you afraid, do you want to be forgiven, are you a felon that wants a real second chance, do you want your parents to listen, does Sean Penn really believe what he writes, did the Dixie Chicks regret their true statement because it would mean no mo money, is Marshall, (M&M) really a bad person, did 50 cents really sell crack, do movie stars really like us, are movie stars and music stars afraid of being normal again, have you given your rights to the few, can you tell your neighbor what you really think, has the USA conquered homelessness and joblessness in America, is Bush an idiot and control freak, are we pathetic, will you help make a difference ?

The senate and judicial systems of the world will not listen to our cries! You must stand up and seize control thru creative methods yet to be tried and cast out the ones that cannot truly answer your questions and give you peace.

Poland did it with solidarity, the early Americans did it, the French, the Arabs, the Germans, the Dutch, the Vikings, the Indians, the Chinese, the Africans, the Mexicans, the Portuguese, the Spanish, the Israelites, the Christians, the Muslims, and so many others thru time. Time is not running out for the demons that control us all.

The choice is yours, now is the time to form a global coalition of individuals of all kinds to rid this planet of the above mentioned tyrants and nations that inhibit our rights as human beings, period!

Judah Ben-Hur

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov