Letter: If Usama Bin Laden started this war…why are we not leveling Afghanistan?

This letter is in response to the reader who wrote this very confused message.
“I know some of the people that read this website do not leave within the US so I understand that they may not see things as many Americans do.  I can tell you this, as an American I am proud of the force used by our troops in Iraq.  Why should more Americans die because we took a soft hand to people who were trying to kill us?  We did not start this war, Osama Bin Laden did when he set out to destroy the United States.  Our troops are over there to make sure that the people responsible are made to answer for it.  As for the people who believe troops have used unnecessary force, they need to look at all of the pictures of the families walking the streets right after the 9/11 bombing looking for their loved ones.  As well as the hair and tooth brushes collected to identify the parts of human beings using DNA.”

The writer has absolutely no clue as to why we are in the present situation.  I live in the US and I see how our country is divided because of the cover-ups of the current administration and the abuse of presidential power from the oval office.  The writer states that he/she is proud of the force used by our troops in Iraq….has he/she ever been in combat? – First, he/she has to take into account that Iraq was not triggered by the attacks on the World Trade Center.  Saddam did not have any implication to the attacks that leveled the Twin Towers.  If Usama Bin Laden started this war…why are we not leveling Afghanistan? – why are we not going house to house in Kabul to find this individual? – Why, instead, did we go after a country that did not have any involvement in the terrorist attacks of September 11? – Was any of the hijackers of Iraq descent? NO – the majority was from Saudi Arabia, was there any Iraqi terrorist found among those who conducted such acts? – the answer is very clear…NO!!  Our troops are fighting a war that was left from the previous Bush administration and needed a conclusion.  President Bush speaks of oppression and attacks of the former Iraq administration, he speaks of countless ruthless acts against the people of Iraq, well…the same thing is happening in numerous countries in the African Continent – but our involvement in those countries is very minimal.  The writer needs to have his facts straight before he tries to “pin the tail on the donkey” and tries to justify an act of violence on another country based on unsubstantiated facts.  Remember that the majority of our soldiers are dying in IRAQ – not Afghanistan, and if you really want to educate yourself on both sides of the story – I recommend that you research Arab websites – which are in English in case you wondered – and take an educated guess as to what is going on.  Iraq citizens had also buried pictures in coffins from their loved ones who were victims of our bombs, unfortunately they cannot afford a DNA scan. I've been there and done that; I recommend that you walk a mile in my boots before you publish another word.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov