Bush fresh out of ideas

US President in checkmate

George W. Bush is a worried man. He tried, and failed, to protect Condoleeza Rice from questioning over 9/11 and he himself only faces the press as a last resort. He launched an illegal war against a sovereign nation, causing wholesale slaughter of civilians, doled out contracts to his buddies without tender, sees Saddam's wife state that the man what crawled out of a hole was not her husband and now faces the nightmare of seeing his troops trapped inside Iraq.

"They will get in but they won't get out" was the claim from the Iraqi Ambassador in Brasilia when questioned by Armando Costa Rocha of  Pravda.Ru about the outcome of the war. How true this is now proving to be. The Iraqi Armed Forces melted into the desert with hardly a shot being fired, only to show up all over the country, in the north, in the centre and in the south, where Moqtada Al Sadr's Shia army has over one million men blocking any exit through to Kuwait.

The US Armed Forces are surrounded in a hostile territory where they stirred up hatred due to their murderous, heavy-handed tactics. They were caught on camera kicking down the doors of civilian houses and forcing women to lie on the floor while they were searched, they were caught on camera pointing automatic weapons into the faces of terrified six-year-old boys, yelling, "Get your fucking hands up, NOW!!"

Great public relations exercise, these acts of terrorism. The nonchalance with which this invasion force was greeted at first has been replaced by seething hatred which has united the Sunni and Shia communities inside Iraq, against the common enemy. George Bush has created a monster that he does not know how to control.

If the situation now is so bad that almost one year after he declared an end to hostilities, he sees the country in chaos, with hundreds of thousands of determined, armed militia willing to give up their lives to fight off the invader, if the situation is so bad that he has to call up more troops, how can he possibly hand over power to the new authorities in June and pull out?

George W. Bush has willingly frittered away over one hundred and sixty billion USD of his taxpayer's hard-earned money (which means little to the moneyed elite clique of  corporate bosses surrounding him) and some experts say that this is not nearly enough. Who pays? The US taxpayer. No wonder he dare not speak about domestic policy any more. No wonder he dare not step off a plane in most countries.

George Bush may claim "We have finished the work of the fallen" – which sounds good but his demeanour as he approached the cameras and his body language during his speech last night spells the story of a frightened and broken man, who knows he made a grave mistake, despite being warned by Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Brasilia, Peking and other members of the international community, to use the United Nations, the organization he derided so crudely.

He knows he lied to his people, lied to the UNO and lied to the international community. He knows there were no weapons of mass destruction, despite the documents, despite the forgeries, despite the maquettes with arrows and labels. He knows he sent his troops to their deaths, he knows he is ultimately responsible for the deaths of 10.000 civilians and the mutilation of tens of thousands of others.

He knows his armed forces deployed depleted uranium in civilian areas, despite knowing that this has a lasting effect on the battlefield, he knows that they deployed brightly coloured shiny cluster bombs in civilian areas, where children mistake them for sweets and get their faces blown off.

He knows these are against the Geneva Convention, he knows he broke international law by breaking the UN Charter and he knows he is a war criminal, a mass murderer and a liar.

What he says makes no difference, because once a liar, always a liar. Now, even the capture of Saddam Hussein is put to question, because the carefully-staged meeting of him with his wife of 25 years last week brought chaos - she immediately claimed that this is not her husband, but a double. If documents can be forged, DNA tests can be faked.

Once a liar, always a liar. For George W. Bush it is the beginning of the end, it is time to face the music that he wrote. He can blame nobody but himself, for he was warned, but would not listen. George W. Bush is the victim of his own short-sightedness and the greed of the regime that created him.

They should have known better. After all, what to expect from a man who gets a black eye and a split lip from eating a biscuit?