What is Clinton doing?

What happened to Bill Clinton, former President of the USA?

Bill Clinton's presidency will be remembered internally for his social welfare programmes and externally, for the illegal and murderous attack against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the aiding and abetting of the Albanian terrorist group, KLA. But where is he and what is he doing now?

William J. Clinton can be found most often at the offices of the Clinton Foundation, which is currently behind an initiative to provide cheap drugs and health care programmes for HIV/AIDS patients in Less Developed Countries.

The Clinton Foundation is working in nine countries in the Caribbean area, where 90% of the region's AIDS patients will come into contact with the programme and in four African countries (Rwanda, South Africa, Mozambique and Tanzania) which have 33% of the continent's AIDS patients.

The Clinton Foundation works together with the Global Fund, the World Bank and UNICEF, making it possible for millions of AIDS sufferers to buy their medication at a 50% reduction in price and making available health care programmes where before, none existed.

The Clinton Foundation was responsible for the negotiations with the drugs manufacturers while the Global Fund, the World Bank and UNICEF provide the financial and logistical means and expertise to put the programmes into action.

What a difference when compared to George W. Bush, who spends his free time these days praying for a reduction in casualties to US troops, otherwise he will lose the election.

Two presidents, two parties, two illegal wars. However, one man is trying to right the wrongs he committed by launching himself into humanitarian aid programmes, while the other sends his forces into a quagmire from which escape is at best difficult, murders ten thousand civilians, sees his armed forces deploy cluster bombs in civilian areas, commits war crimes and then tries to justify his actions by claiming that he is doing good.

If George Bush wants to learn about doing some good, he might consider visiting the Clinton Foundation.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov