Letter: Exposing Bush the liar, the mass murderer, the war criminal???

Attention:  Tim Bancroft-Hinchey... 
It is not unclear the message you're sending to your audience; Bush is leading a country of mindless Americans into a winless war.  It's obvious your audience isn't American.  I'm a little disappointed that foreign press seems to think that American's aren't individuals and are so naive as to be lead like 'sheep'.  This is only one element of your article I believe is misleading.
Other misleading elements are:
-God didn't tell Bush to free Iraq
-American's believe we are doing the right thing by acting against terrorism, perhaps in a preimptive fashion
-If we left, it surely wouldn't be a defeat
-The US does not target civilians in combat
-The US does not drop candy shaped cluster munitions
-The US does not hate Iraq, almost all here wish the same pride and opportunity as we have
-The US school frequency rate is not 'just over 60%'.  Certainly not a true statistic, although I like how you added that in at the end, truly clever!
-Iraq did, at one point in the past 4 years, command chemical weapons and delivery options ranging from spraying, mortars, rockets, and tactical surface-to-surface missiles.
-America isn't hijacked, we support the mission and the troops
-Colin Powell is more likely a decent man than a liar
Now, don't get me wrong, not all of your article was misleading:
-There may not be WMD in Iraq now.  Clinton gave Saddam enough time to hide/sell them
-Perhaps our intelligence wasn't 100% accurate (as if any intelligence is), this doesn't change the fact that Iraq was a regional and potentially global threat to democracy (you're at target for fascist too)
-Corporations, American and abroad, do have a vested interest in Iraq.  No one can deny the influence they may have.
This is mainly objective feedback.  Had I chosen to go subjective, you would have read about pride, freedom, opportunity, choice along with many other words commonly used to encapsulate what it is to be an American.  These are the unwaivering fundamentals that make America what it is, particularly now. 
I chose to stay objective because I don't feel that it's fair to assume that one not familiar with the application of these ideals on a daily basis has the capacity to understand my point of view. 
Poke at Bush at all you want, just make sure you're portrayals of Americans and American military strategy/tactics is accurate.
Proud American

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova