Too little, too late

With Iraq spinning out of control, Washington calls for help from the international community

The United States of America is to release non-construction contracts worth six billion USD to countries which wish to bid. The construction contracts continue to be limited to the group of countries which backed the invasion of Iraq.

The non-construction contracts cover training schemes, supply of equipment and services. However, for these companies, there will be a public tender, which was not the case for Halliburton, which took on billions of dollars-worth of contracts unopposed and without an open bid.

These double standards were again visible in George Bush's speech at the National Defense University on Wednesday evening, in which he called for better regulation by the International Atomic Energy Agency, due to the fact that this agency had not been able to prevent nuclear arms programmes in Libya and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Here is George Bush, the man who derided and disrespected the United Nations Organization and its Charter, the man whose regime flouted the Geneva Convention in its murderous and savage attack against Iraq, its civilian infrastructures and its people (ten thousand dead, sixteen thousand injured and maimed), having the audacity to speak about an organism which belongs to the organization which he disrespected so totally.

In calling on the United Nations to pass legislation through the Security Council imposing stricter export controls on all nations so as to limit proliferation, George Bush  tries to carve out an area of authority for himself in the international community, after the humiliating discovery that his regime lied to its people, to the UNO and to the world on Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

This is the same regime which was party to the presentation of forged documentation to the IAEA itself, claiming that Baghdad was buying yellowcake uranium from Niger for its "nuclear weapons programme". It was the director of the IAEA, Mohammed El Baradei, who spotted that the signatures of the "ministers" involved were forgeries, neither were the letterheads those used by the official paper of the government of Niger.

What right does George W. Bush, the liar, the mass murderer and the war criminal, have to speak about regulations?

If George W. Bush spent more time respecting the forums of international law and not flouting them, they might have more chance of succeeding. If George W. Bush is so worried about international regulations, he could start by respecting the United Nations organization, paying reparations to the people of Iraq, handing over complete control immediately to the UNO and presenting himself for trial at the International Penal Court for the war crimes that he has committed.




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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov