Joe Lieberman promotes clean air and Saddam's execution

Joe Lieberman is not a man who lets you forget that he exists. The candidate for the Democratic place in the presidential election in the United States shot again to world fame, asking for the death penalty for Saddam Hussein, after his capture in Iraq. “This evil man has to face the death penalty.  The international tribunal in The Hague cannot order the death penalty, so my first question about where he's going to be tried will be answered by whether that tribunal can execute him.  If it cannot be done by the Iraqi military tribunal, he should be brought before an American military tribunal and face death.” Such outburst seems to have earned him a place among the favorites in the democratic pre-elections.
Reading to the pre-releases on the website of Joe Lieberman you cannot escape the idea that Lieberman is more focused on opponent Howard Dean and reacting to his statements than bringing out his own views. “Lieberman responds to Dean’s Plea for Protection’, ‘Lieberman statement on Dean’s Foreign Policy comments’, ‘Lieberman response to Dean’s Economic speech’. Such are the titles of a few of the latest press releases of Lieberman. It is not the first time that Joe Lieberman is in the race for the White House. Four years ago Lieberman was the running mate of Al Gore in the ‘to close to call’ presidential election. If the coin turned up heads instead of tails he would have been the Vice-President of the United States now. In a remarkable move Al Gore now endorses Howard Dean as the best Democratic candidate, heating things up even more between these two rivals. 
Joe Lieberman early stepped up to the political plate. Already in the sixties he went to listen to the speeches of Martin Luther King. In the eighties he was Attorney General in Connecticut. After that he served in the United States senate for fourteen years. Lieberman has his wife Hadassah play an active part in his campaign. “Hadassah's historic journey from the concentration camps of Europe to the national campaign trail shows that in America, anything is possible”, he says about his wife born in Prague in 1948. Both are Jewish and Lieberman is an ardent supporter of the state of Israel, which declares partly his hatred of Saddam Hussein, whose capture he celebrated with a: "Hallelujah, praise the Lord.  This is something that I have been advocating and praying for more than twelve years, since the Gulf War of 1991.  Saddam Hussein was a homicidal maniac, a brutal dictator, who wanted to dominate the Arab world and was supporting terrorists.”
In local issues Lieberman aims mostly on economic issues. “Are we going to bring this country together and move it forward?  Or are we going to keep it divided and take it backward?” he asks voters. “Are we going to build on the pro-growth, pro-jobs, fiscally-responsible, strong-on-security, socially progressive legacy of Bill Clinton to keep our people safe, to get our economy going, and to make us one America again?” And of course he is the best man for the job. He states that George W. Bush has fallen into the hands of ideological extremists. A major point in his campaign and through out his career is his concern for environmental issues. “My plan would build on the Clinton blueprint to cut taxes for small businesses and the middle-class, create 10 million new jobs in my first term, reduce the deficit every year, balance the budget by the end of my second term, and guarantee that you will never lose your health care if you lose your job. My plan would knock down foreign trade barriers and crack down on unfair trade practices.  I will help you and your company to find the new markets you need for your products so that you can grow and add jobs.  And I will stand up for you when your foreign competitors don't play by the rules.  The motto of my Administration will be: "Made in America, Sold Abroad."

Lieberman dares to look outside the United States. He promises to make Americans safe abroad. We're threatened by brutal enemies who hate us more than they love life.  They've attacked us in the most vicious way possible, and will keep doing so until they are defeated.  We cannot leave our children a world torn by religious strife, ruled by tyranny, and threatened by terrorism.  We cannot just wish for a better America and a safer world, we must elect a President who will give us the strong, new leadership to make America better and the world safer.” Lieberman promises to do that through working with allies instead of unilateralism.

Calling out for the execution of someone is still good politics in the US. It catapulted Joe Lieberman back to the forefront of the Democratic pre-elections. His viewpoint collides with his fight for human rights and his aim to work more closely with allies and in international cooperation. On the whole Lieberman focuses his campaign on economics, having in tax reduction another American all time elections favorite, and speaking out against Howard Dean.
Richard Wagenaar


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov