Operation "Dump Them All"

The results of the last November 4th elections clearly indicated that a majority of American voters trust Republicans over Democrats to run the affairs of their state, as we do.  These same voters have, however, deep and growing doubts about the various internal and international policies adopted by the Bush administration.  Over half the population believes, for instance, that the Iraq 'war' was a mistake, a self-inflicted fiasco of extraordinary proportions, and are appalled, frustrated and angry.  Most are aware of the obvious long-term damages a deceitful White House is wrecking upon the nation.

The Republican Party is thus beginning to find itself weighted down by the same presidential stone-around-the-political-neck as the Democrats were with the appalling Clinton squad.  But unlike the Democrats, some Republicans, in tandem with other conservatives concerned about America's fate and place in the world first, have challenged the White House and are now wisely looking for alternatives to Team Bush for the 2004 presidential elections.  They must be fully supported.

Dulles NOW activists, leftists and traditionally Democrats, endorsed George W. Bush in 2002 in the belief that his  seemingly seasoned cabinet had the capacity to lift our disgraced nation from the Clinton morass.  We had no reason not to believe Mr. Bush when he said he intended to bring sorely needed honesty back to the Executive.

Instead, Mr. Bush's endless litany of false promises coupled with his suspected compulsive lying have further downgraded the United States to a degree unparalleled in the history of great nations, the extend of which may take years to redress.  We therefore believe that it is not too early to call for him and his cabal of creative destructionists to leave the political scene and to be replaced by the centrist conservatives the nation is asking for.

In the weeks and months leading to the armed robbery with aggravated assault that 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' is, formerly distinguished US media voices, believed to have allegiance to a foreign power deeply hostile to Iraq, did not hesitate to whip the American people into a frenzy of racist hate against the defenseless Iraqis, urging to "kill them all".

Today, Dulles NOW activists are therefore pleased to announce the opening of  'Operation Dump Them All', an effort to democratically rid America and the world of the self-inflated, incompetent Team Bush and of their pro-war Democrat sidekicks.  The time is ripe to ‘dump them all.'  Now.

Marie-Jose Ragab

Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov