Filtered News...?

A Note From Our Reader:

It would do wonders for the credibility of your website if editorials were clearly marked instead of being in bold headlines on the front page listed under "World" as if the editorial was actual, unbiased news, had a worldly perspective, etc.
If the news wasn't slanted and filtered, and if there wasn't a constant anti-US undertone to all the "reporting" on the site, this site would be better off. Just a little note to help turn your website into an actual source, one which intelligent people would source, not just for people who seek news that will tell them what they want to hear...
I understand fully that freedoms of press aren't all they could be in Russia, and that people are used to being told what to do and believe over there, and also that Russia's press has a long history of anti-US propaganda, but I expected a more honest look at the news, from a Russian perspective. I didn't expect as much propaganda and as much news that is so obviously filtered. Perhaps educated Russians seek their news elsewhere?
While I am not assuming that by way of collusion with the Russian government you are filtering the news, I don't doubt that you do this because of the thorough brain-washing you have received as a Russian citizen, if in fact you are. If you are not a Russian citizen you are likely some other brainwashed person. I don't believe fervently in my government (the us) to the point where I will broadcast my views to the world, masqueraded as "news". That is a job better left to idiots. Your ideologies taint each word on your site. You and your site's main editors and whatnot obviously cannot report on the news without letting their opinions distort the story to the point where the entire article becomes questionable in nature. Such selective bias is unacceptable when you seek real news. Facts.
Anyway, I will continue to stop in from time to time because I like to read Russian news, but I have already learned not to trust this site and to keep my guard up for filtered, biased reporting from are far worse than FOX 5 in the US ever will be. I do, however, pity the people who believe all the things on this site without learning about the other 3/4 of the story...the 3/4 which contradict your 1/4 of a real story.

A Note from Our Reader, Rob

Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov