Condoleeza Rice: No To Multipolar World

US National Security Advisor invents theory and then attacks it

It would appear that members of the Bush administration have an internal competition to see which one can come up with the most absurd statement, like an Ionescu play gone wrong. In recent months, Rumsfeld has added his nonsense to Bush's clunkers but Rice could well be the dark horse in the howler race.

"Multipolarity is a theory of rivalry, of competing interests and at its very worst, of competing values" stated Condoleeza Rice recently at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. Why is it that the members of the Bush adminstration, in their entirety, are utterly incapable of engaging in dialogue or of handling difference of opinion? Why does multipolarity have to involve competing interests?

The fundamental principles of democracy, which the USA expounded ad nauseam
during the time of the Cold War, are debate, discussion and dialogue, backed up by diplomacy. The fundamental principles of democracy include the freedom to state and defend a position and then discuss any difference in an open and civilized forum of debate.

To state that multipolarity is rivalry, is to say that "if you're not with us, you're against us". To state that multipolarity can lead to competing values and then describe these as a threat, is an admission by Ms. Rice that she is incapable of comprehending alternative schools of opinion, alternative lines of thought, alternative ways of being. If she considers
difference as being a threat then maybe she should take the history book off the shelf and leaf through the pages until she comes to Hitler and Himmler. This would show her where her intolerance can lead.

Having jumped to the conclusion that multipolarity is rivalry, the National Security Advisor goes on to attack the notion, stating that "The rivalry theory represents a danger to the solution of serious problems".

In a nutshell, Condoleeza Rice is a product of the school which churned out specimens such as Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Wolfowitz, Fleischer, bible-bashing at its worst, spiked by a lethal dose of venom by the Jewish lobby, as unbalanced a collection of individuals as has been gathered in any government anywhere on earth at any time in history.

Differences of opinion, like differences of race, color or creed, are never evil but rather widen the base for a positive mutual exchange of values and a process of cultural enrichment. The fact that Condoleeza Rice perceives such as something negative, dangerous, a threat, speaks volumes about the capacity of this woman to be in such a position.

It is not a question of being too stupid to hold the post. It is a question of being stupid enough to merge so perfectly into the background of the Bush people.

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Author`s name Margarita Kicherova