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More On The Dollar

Don't be fooled and worse yet fool your audience into what direction the dollar is headed


Do not forget one very important factor that you missed in your report, the US debt situation along with US deficit is spiraling out of control. If you think the dollar is stable and your investing in it, you will lose along with your audience, be very careful here of what you are reporting. I am afraid the Russian and Japanese central banks don't have near enough resources to interfere of what is coming in the future of a wave of US dollar sales. US dollars will be sold at every opportunity and before next years election do not be surprised to see a dollar backed by gold in order to prevent it's ultimate destruction. The debt in the US is out of control and they are in a box that they can not escape. The US media or propaganda machine will do it's very best to trick you of the real truth behind the American economy.
The reason I've emailed you is I believe you are misleading your audience by telling them that the US dollar is fine, when in actuality it's in big trouble. One other thing Greenspan will not drop rates by more that 25 basis points, you can mark this on your wall. If he does all hell breaks loose on the dollar and he's biding his time until after the election so he will not allow this to happen.
When the dollar has these little as we call them "sucker rallies" you should be telling your audience to make what they can and sell before it gets much worse.
Best Regards,
Dale T. Nejmeldeen

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