Wolfowitz did not say that US launched the war for oil in Iraq

This is in regard to your ridiculous article concerning Wolfowitz's remarks about the motivation for the Iraq War. The only lie that I can see that waste told was the one you repeated in this story. The Guardian story you used a reference has been detracted and apologized for because the remarks of Paul Wolfowitz were deliberately misquoted. What he said was that the US could use economic sanctions against North Korea but not Iraq, because of Iraq's oil reserves.

It had nothing to do with going to war for oil. The Guardian was forced to admit this and publicly retract the story and apologize for it and yet you repeat the lie in your libelous tirade. If you want to see the actual words of Wolfowitz go to the Dept. of Defense website and then you too should admit your error and apologize.

Terrye Hugentober

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey