Fighting the Dark Side

If Arabs do not wake up and help Iraq, who knows what country in the region is next

America used to be the model of freedom , human rights (remember Helsinki) and democracy. People around the world admired and respected this country . I was one of them. Over the last 25 years US managed to squander the moral credit with the world, marching towards a totalitarian system that seems worth than the Stalin's Soviet Union and Hitler's Germany at their worst.

The US is going to Iraq to stay there, to intimidate and pressure the countries around with their military presence, to pilfer their oil , to manipulate the world oil prices, sell their arms (or force them to buy them!) and instigate fights against each other, to control the drug trail from Afghanistan to Bosnia (Iran is not yet under control), to infect Europe with drugs . The world is still stronger than the Empire , but it is divided, with many corrupted governments that support the US against the will of their people. The Evil Empire moved his headquarters from Moscow to Washington. Russia is moving towards democracy and US is getting deep into the Dark Side .

If Arabs do not wake up and help Iraq, who knows what country in the region is next: Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia... . The whole World has to wake up. This is not the corrupted US right wing Christian group against Muslims. This is The Dark Side against the humanity. The Emperor made a huge mistake by putting himself into a corner of a no win situation. The world has to find a way to exploit this. The Iraqi leadership is not my cup of tea, they may be as bad as their invaders (who game Iraq chemical weapons for using them against Iran? Donald Rumsfeld).

In accordance with the US law, Rumsfeld and the old Bush are guilty of : Aiding and abetting crimes against humanity. Wonder if anybody in US will have the guts of the Spanish judge . Probably not, nobody wants to end like the Enron official who was ready to talk about the White House profit, but in the last minute decided to commit suicide (Stalin and Hitler were good at this kind of stuff. But nobody shall worry, Bush and Cheney are trying to make up for the lost time) . I am not worried that Michael Moore will never win an Oscar again, I am worried that he might get into a car accident or a drug overdose (even so his friends swear that he never took drugs) and the police will close the case for lack of evidence.

The US economy keeps growing (when does) based on a model that is weak and vulnerable. No bullets are required to get down the US stock market and with that the destroy power of the dark side. Only then the American people will wake up and try to fix their system.

Just a few suggestions:

- do not buy any American products (especially arms, legal and illegal drugs, airline tickets, made in USA cars)

- push your country leaders to change the currency reserves from dollars to Euros, RMB (Chinese currency), or Yen .

The people in the world can still make a difference if they act.


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Author`s name Olga Savka