You clearly have no standards. Be proud of it.

Russian arms and Arab soldiers – a match made in heaven

Mr. Akhtyrov:
Let's see…….the US (it is well known, as you said) won't sell arms to everybody….the corollary being that Russia will sell to anybody. So why the pious denials? You are the same people who sell to Stalinists that starve their own population (North Korea) and modern day Fascists (Baath Parties in Syria and Iraq). You clearly have no standards. Be proud of it.

Minor detail: Those weapons are quite good against unarmed civilians - and your clients have the experience to prove it. When your hardware meets ours, yours goes "boom", assuming anyone is suicidal enough to man it. Kind of like Arab militaries - really good at killing unarmed civilians, not so good against armed soldiers. Russian arms and Arab soldiers - a match made in heaven. Newsflash to you folks at the ironically-named Pravda: Russia needs cash. It is willing to do some pretty stupid things to get it. Like sell WMD to nutcases in the Middle East.

Another annoying detail: Those people hate you too. Chechnya ring a bell? HELLOOOOOOO, anybody in there? Sheesh. At least back in the Commie days, you guys at Pravda were good for entertainment.

And PS: Your arms didn't beat us in Vietnam. The Vietnamese (damned good fighters), our own incompetent politicians (McNamara should get a medal from you guys) and our "useful idiots" (aptly named by your own Joey Stalin) lost that war. Yes, yes, the AK is a solid weapon…copied from the Germans. The Viets were ringing our political bell (though losing militarily) with our own weapons well before you all got involved.

Of course, we should have known better than to voluntarily inherit anything from the French. You guys may be on the wrong side of this one, but at least you make formidable enemies (not because of your weapons, trust me). You fought for Stalingrad, inch by inch. The Froggies ran away from Paris. Anti-Americanism sure is the mother of strange bedfellows. A shame that a people as great as the Russians aligns itself with Fascist butchers and duplicitous wimps. You have lousy taste in friends. And don't even start about the Germans - we all know how that friendship ended up last time around. You have a long history. Learn from it.

John Hyre

[email protected]

Author`s name Olga Savka