It is scary for a freedom loving person to live in Amerikkka right now

As an American, I would like to respond to these quotes from your site:

"As much as Ronald Reagan made me feel proud of that, the Clintons and the Bushes have made me ashamed."
***Why would anyone be proud of Reagan? Because he was a lousy actor president who did nothing to help the deterioration of our low-income communities in the US? Clinton did less harm than both Bush + Reagan. 'Reagon-omics'anyone?***

"...And the allegations that only the hoodlums-criminals are celebrating the liberation by the coalition of Iraq as evidenced on television.
...Come on PRAVDA.Ru, try and be a bit objective. Most Iraqi citizens have worn the yoke of oppression for thirty plus years and most are very happy to see this tyrant go...It seems the Iraqi people knew it but Pravda and many other people around the world, who hoped the coalition would fail in their efforts, certainly will not admit same..."--Glenn Denzler, NY, U.S

***As an American, this man makes me sick. He is like the majority of Americans that follow Bush - He should 'try and be a bit objective'. First of all, how does this man from NY, US know what Iraqi people are feeling. I'm sure many people are happy to see Saddam's regime falling, but I doubt they are happy to see civilians slaughtered as a way to take him down. Just because someone is against this Anglo invasion of Iraq, does not mean they support Hussein or his methods.***

"Cynthia Tidwell: I love my country and support its actions
04/07/2003 14:11 Reading your articles, you must really hate the U.S. With such distaste from Russia, Germany and France of the U.S., why should they share in the reconstruction of Iraq. It is our young people that are shedding blood in Iraq and not yours. It is ridiculous for your country or France or Germany to even think that they should share in the reconstruction. No country tells its citizens the whole story but regardless I still love my country and support its actions and find the behavior of Russia, Germany and France in the UN toward the U.S. and UK completely unacceptable.
Cynthia Tidwell U.S.A."

****This woman is the reason why I am tempted to emigrate from the US. She straight-up acknowledges the fact that US is scraficing the blood of young people(American, British, Iraqi, Sudanese, Iranian, Turkish, Syrian, etc.) for the sole purpose of reaping the spoils of reconstruction.

I do not see why corporations should make money off war and I don't see why the drug addict Bush uses the peoples tax money to make more money for his big-business buddies.

Is this woman saying that the fact that the US is quick to spill another nations blood entitles them to profit? Plus, this stupid woman obviously does not realize that reconstruction will not make any profit for the US, it will make profit for the corporations that already have their contract with BUSH + CO.******

There are many needs in the US that need attention. Our schools are lousy. Too many people do not have healthcare. Too many people are homeless. Our current, non-elected, cowboy president and his administration is currently erroding our rights, and looking to do more with "patriot act II". He is telling kids that condoms are not effective in prevention of HIV (only abstinence). He is working to errode reproductive rights. Anyone is a street gang is now a terrorist and can be executed, held with no legal justification. In fact, you can be branded a 'terrorist' for simply talking to someone in a street gang. Meanwhile, he is messing up our economy so bad that more people do turn to street gangs + drug sales. -- You're also a terrorist if you do or sell drugs. If you smoke marijuanna, you're a terrorist. !That is ridiculous. Bush is removing factual data about birth control from official documents and replacing it with right-wing, Christian, opinion. It's almost as if he wants HIV to spread.

Bush's administration is not qualified to bring freedom, justice, and truth to ANY nation. They do nothing but try to destroy those very things here in America.

America needs regime change. Americans need to THINK! and not listen to the drone of cowboy Bush, corporate interests, and US mainstream media. If nothing changes, Bush may decide to 'liberate' the ghettos of America with cluster bombs and missiles.

I'm sorry for ranting like this, but I want someone to know that the clueless Americans quoted in your mailbox DO NOT represent America as a whole. With new laws erroding the freedom of speech, and herds of cloned cattle (=all Americans that follow bush), it makes it harder and harder for Americans who think and value peace and human interest over corporate interest to make any change. One state currently trying to pass legislation that will give a mandatory 25-life sentence for any protesters who block an entrance to a building! 'Domestic terrorism' bills being presented everywhere.

It is scary for a freedom loving person to live in Amerikkka right now.

Thanks for your time.


P.S. I love reading your online paper and opinions often mirror mine. Please don't listen to the stupid people that do not appreciate reality. Keep up the good work.

Author`s name Olga Savka