Author`s name Olga Savka

Come on PRAVDA.Ru, Try and Be a Bit Objective

Concerning "Baghdad Surrendered. WHY?"
And the allegations that only the hoodlums-criminals are celebrating the liberation by the coalition of Iraq as evidenced on television....Come on PRAVDA.Ru, try and be a bit objective. Most Iraqi citizens have worn the yoke of oppression for thirty plus years and most are very happy to see this tyrant go. PRAVDA.Ru tends to wears it's heart on it's sleeve and that is seen as being very subjective on many matters. Some times I agree, some times I disagree but in this case PRAVDA.Ru is way off base and should at least try and show some objectivity. Saddam was ruthless in his ruling of Iraq and her people. It seems the Iraqi people knew it but Pravda and many other people around the world, who hoped the coalition would fail in their efforts, certainly will not admit same. I look forward to see how you will present the news when the coalition ultimately finds the WMDs etc....Based on how you presented this piece I can only assume the position of PRAVDA.Ru will be that the coalition planted same.

Glenn Denzler
NY, U.S.