Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Mark Awmiller: Coalition Forces Murder 62 Iraqi Civilians?

Please, be fair when you report the "News" to your citizens

Dear Pravda.Ru,

How can you say such a thing? Murder is an intentional and intended act carried out by evil people. Is that what you think of Americans, that we are out to murder civilians? Are you so blinded by Islamic-Facsism that you have decided with the French that Americans are the "bad people" of this conflict and not a sadistic lier who would put his own people and country at risk rather than becoming a peaceful member of our world society.

I have honestly thought over my 42 years of life that other than differences in political ideology we were societies of similar peoples with similar morals and values but I have a hard time with that conviction when I see that the main Russian news source is "reporting" to their citizens that my country and its brave soldiers are murdering civilians. We American citzens know that we are good people involved in a just and noble cause and I am fairly certain that if Russia was in a similar situation they (you and your citizens) would do the same.

I am just as certain that if you needed assistance that we would be there to support you and your country. You have also had to face Islamic Terrorists in your own country and siding with them and against a just cause will not save you or your country if they are allowed to spread and grow. I hope you will remember that our countries have many common goals and beliefs and that spreading disinformation does not help our relationships. Please be fair when you report the "News" to your citizens, they deserve better than the title above. Thank you.

Mark E. AwmillerTampa, Florida

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