Showing restraint in Ukraine only emboldens the West

Nothing gave greater pleasure than the sudden end of the Covid hysteria. Suddenly, the hype that everyone was going to die unless they were vaccinated disappeared from the news and left a vacuum that needed to be filled.

The Middle East repeating itself in Europe

It didn't take long and having failed to control the Middle East oil producing countries, the usual culprit is alive and well and back in Europe causing the same civil unrest, pitting populations against each other and arming sympathetic factions as NATO countries begin to supply weapons to Ukraine, whilst keeping at a safe distance themselves. Where is the news that the US has only been at peace for less than two decades since its independence in 1776 and so it's not really a surprise that it transferred its operations to Europe and is enjoying a boom period after arms sales fell in the Middle East. Business is business as they say.

Before 2014, the hysterical majority probably couldn't even find Ukraine on a map because there wasn't a problem. The problem in the Ukraine arose only when the US interfered and Russia, as in Syria, intervened to stop it. I hope the ones on social media each trying to outdo the others in condemnation also did the same for the Middle Eastern populations when NATO set about them? I suspect not.

Recently dismissed as "laughable” by the Pentagon, Victoria Nuland now admits to Senator Rubio in the Ukraine inquiry that US funds bio-warfare-labs, or which she politely terms "research laboratories', in the Ukraine. For those not familiar with Nuland, she was the US Secretary of State who organized the coup against Yanukovych in 2014. Let that sink in for a moment. The US funds germ warfare laboratories (anthrax, cholera, bubonic plague …) in a country that glorifies Nazi militias on Russia's borders?!

Is it a coincidence that gas was used in Syria and blamed on Assad? Or that the US also funded Islamist extremists they called "freedom fighters' in the Middle East and their equivalent Nazi militias in the Ukraine? Who remembers Zelensky's statement at the Munich Conference in February, when he already knew he'd pushed too far, realized what was coming and talked about creating a nuclear weapon? The shock on Mr. Zelensky's face when he realized NATO had dumped him didn't come as a surprise.

It's a murky world we live in

Meanwhile, watching the nonsense now presented as news, the various loud bangs often added as a backdrop amid shaky journalist voices assuring the viewer that just out of sight (as they always are), are columns of Russian tanks mowing down everyone in sight, but then dispelled by images of orderly queues of refugees with suitcases, like holiday tourists, waiting patiently for the next bus with electricity still functioning normally.

There will come a time when Europe realizes what has happened as did the Middle Eastern countries, but meanwhile the stupefied denizens of western social media have found a new cause to believe in.

A word in your ear, Mr. Putin

Mr. Putin, if I may. Get your finger out and stop worrying about what NATO and Western populations think.

Finish the job before you get bogged down in a protracted guerilla war, which is what defeated the US in every one of its adventures and why it doesn't invade any more but creates situations in which others do the fighting for them.

The longer you take the weaker you look and over the last eight years you've seen how signs of weakness embolden NATO. The people you're fighting now in western Ukraine are not your 'cousins', Bandera is their hero and they're the descendants of those who also queued up at your borders in 1941.

You will not win anything tip toeing around the propaganda of the West whose citizens are now at the stage of having to be warned that a floor is slippery when wet, or that a packet of peanuts may contain nuts! The longer you let this grind on and show restraint, the more you risk NATO getting involved and are forced into considering the unthinkable.

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Author`s name John V.