Biden Crime Blotter: What Trumps Vice-President? Supreme Court Nominee!

Greetings again, True Crime Fans! Welcome once more to these annals of the morbid and macabre.

When last we left our little domestic drama it seemed all but certain Joe Biden (alias The Dim Creeper) had secured his ultimate aim of monopolizing a place in history not merely as next President of the United States, but in thwarting Arch-Nemesis Hillary Clinton (AKA The Haggard Hoary) becoming first female Chief Executive of America.

The Master Plan means by which this would be achieved was in the person of Partner-In-Crime former First Lady Michelle Obama (otherwise known as...Michelle, because my intention is not to get myself included on a future Presidential Hit-List).

Emerging from the shadows, Michelle was proposed to be chosen the Democratic Running Mate with an overarching goal of assuming the mantle of leadership soon after the Inauguration.

The Aforementioned Evidence

Aside from accessing Top Secret reliable sources on the Usual Suspects there was a plethora of circumstantial evidence to support this theory of the crime.

To wit, in days and weeks prior to the putative ascension Michelle and longtime buddy Barry had made themselves conspicuously present in all mainstream media. Specifically:

  • May 9, 2020 - In what is a startling re-emergence into popular politics, as well as detour from Presidential etiquette, Barack Obama "leaks" a telephone conversation excoriating Donald Trump.
  • May 16, 2020 - During a nationally televised "Graduation Ceremony" to high school students (home due to pandemic restrictions) Barry takes another thinly veiled shot at the President.
  • May 26, 2020 until the Present - Several race riots break out across the country, notably in cities controlled by Democratic Mayors who refuse to request Federal aid or permit local Police to function.
  • July 15, 2020 - Slate magazine, "The case for Michelle Obama as Vice President"
  • July 16, 2020 - News breaks Michelle will launch a personal podcast.
  • July 29, 2020 - The initial podcast premiers with sidekick Barry as first guest.
  • August 4, 2020 - The Martha Vineyard Times newspaper, "Michelle Obama for VP"
  • August 5, 2020 - The Los Angeles Times newspaper, "Michelle Obama fans still trying to recruit her as Biden VP"
  • August 5, 2020 - The Boston Herald newspaper, "Democrats best hope for VP choice should be Michelle Obama"
  • August 8, 2020 - Michelle is widely reported to have "low-grade depression" caused by actions of the current occupant of Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • August 11, 2020 - Biden shocks the nation by choosing Kamala Harris (The Chameleon) to carry him to victory, a perplexing selection given the woman mass-incarcerated barely African-American (being born to a Jamaican father and raised in a wealthy Canadian environ)...and repeatedly rejected her ethnicity by frequently identifying not as Black but as Indian!
  • August 17, 2020 - During her Democratic National Convention address Michelle pointedly neglects to mention the very name of a Vice-Presidential candidate nearly a full week after it was announced. Some (i.e. myself) believe this indicates up until the final moments Michelle herself was to be the choice and this video but a contingency created to cover for some significant development behind the scenes.

The plot seemed to be Barry would play "Bad Cop" (critiquing Trump) to the "Good Cop" (elevating supporters) of Michelle, with the latter emerging to "heal the racial divide" caused by incessant rioting.

So what happened to send everything awry...

The Perfect Crime

There is a common misperception among modernity that there is no such thing as "The Perfect Crime" anymore. This fallacy is largely due to a lack of insight rather than an abundance of intelligence.

The Perfect Crime surely exists...its essential facet being that no one must suspect a crime has been committed at all.

While there are many ways in which such an affect may be achieved perhaps the most effective is when there is a missing clue.

In the present case, it was Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (also known as The McGuffin).

Destiny Takes a Hand

Though this correspondent has what is routinely termed "access" even he does not have recourse to the Inner Sanctum of Criminality.

What exceedingly few knew, what was meticulously hidden from public view, what would alter the structure of the Democratic ballot was that The McGuffin was on her deathbed.

For weeks after the Vice-Presidential announcement my sources were pressed to learn what transpired. Following endless days of cajoling and convincing it appeared the hidden details would only break at a far future so often occurs, when some personal secretary to various of the key players would get drunk at a party and begin, "Let me tell you what really happened..."

Instead, reliable Fate has revealed all.

Your Ineffable Fortune

For what in politics is more valuable than becoming Vice-President to a doddering old fool with a Presidency looming in the background?

Who would forgo the opportunity to seize such might when it was completely within her grasp?

Only a supremely powerful or extraordinarily clever individual could have thwarted the March of Michelle into the pages of Posterity.

Unless - it was Michelle herself.

While the mindless minions drone on about the influence of George Soros and the machinations of secret Cabals in denying the Former First Lady her ascendant place, quite the contrary appears to be so.

What if other than Biden (or more properly, his handlers) putting the kibosh on Michelle as Running Mate, it was Michelle who realized a far greater prize await?

Any Vice-Presidential slot can last at most eight years. Even with the all but inevitable retirement of Joe an elevated Michelle could only expect the same amount and possibly as few as four annum in office.

Conversely, a Supreme Court Justice reigns for life!

How the Master Plans of Hope have Changed

There is no guarantee Biden will win of course. Indeed, there is currently a less likely degree he will prevail.

If that is the reality it makes perfect sense Michelle would take the chance of spending her political capital in a way which has the greatest to gain while remaining above the partisan fray until a time most opportune.

Scenario A: Trump wins. If so, the election will be contested with every claim from mail-in ballot fraud to Russian meddling. Another four years with little achievement and maximum strife. Michelle would have an even better probability of winning office after him, only this time the country would be ripe for her at the top of the ticket as Presidential nominee.

Scenario B: Biden wins. If so, Joe may or may not remain in office but would at least have time to put forward Michelle for the Court. Perhaps the original plan would still suffice, this being the proverbial "last noble act" before succumbing to the dreaded Corona Flu. Fair-weather Republicans would support her, cowards such as Senate Leader Mitch McConnell would collude rather than be called "racist" and she would likely win by the "slim margin of history."

There is dubious possibility Trump will get anyone appointed before the election. There are too many Republican rats in the nest of Congress - Romney, Collins, Murkowski - despite reports to the contrary. Even if Donald can pull off such a feat, the Obamas may have considered that risk worth the reward.

Moreover, Michelle is comparatively young at 56 (compared to the spry 87 of decedent Ginsburg), meaning she might have as many as four decades of rulings ahead of her - specifically Reparations for Slavery, which will be a Court case within the besotted lifetime of most Americans.

Finally, for those who have forgotten, Michelle does happen to be a lawyer who served in a corporate capacity (the only kind, as far as the elites are concerned). None could, or at least would, challenge her capabilities in this field.

The Stuff that Nightmares are Made Of

Whether one agrees with Michelle or her politics is hardly the point at this stage in our story.

What does gall is the magnitude of the machinations and deceptions perpetrated on the public - as well as a tinge of sympathy for the way Joe was played as a patsy.

Rather than being a pawn of outside forces, with Biden or his devious Gang shutting her out of the corridors of corruption, Michelle herself engineered the drama into which we have all been thrust.

The stand-downs by Democratic Mayors to allow urban violence set the scene for social unrest...the liberal media had begun the proverbial "big push" to program the public into accepting a "Palliative" figure to "bring us all together"...the speeches were written and the DNC primed for an announcement...

Any awkward delay (such as the video Convention address) only to ascertain precisely how near death Ginsburg (who had been near death more often than a reckless Private Detective) might be. When it was realized The McGuffin was truly on her way out this time, the moment arrived and a decision made.

Far from being a victim of venal political intrigue Michelle may in fact be its unsuspected perpetrator!

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Author`s name Guy Somerset