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All you need is hate

All you need is hate


The world loves to live on sentiment, loves to delude itself into thinking the human species is somehow far more noble, far more prescient, far more virtuous than reality reveals.

Thus, humanity embraces trite slogans so this idealism can be transmitted easily, flawlessly, and banally-slogans like "All you need is love"; "Love is the answer"; and "Love always conquers hate."

In my recent article for Pravda.Report, Six Reasons Why America's Race Problem Will Never Be Solved (August 11, 2020), I discussed how "hatred is a psychological crutch for many." 

Going further

Today, I will go even further and expose how hatred is actually the most powerful motivating force in the world.  It is more powerful than love, more powerful than greed, and even more powerful than atomic weaponry, because instead of destroying lives in an instant, it attaches to the mind like a lamprey, infecting the thoughts and corroding the soul.  It kills slowly and painlessly.  And it is rarely curable.

Even worse than COVID-19, its contagion spreads rapidly, because, in order to transmit hate, one does not necessarily need to be infected by it.  All that is required is the callousness and amorality to exploit the hatred of others to achieve one's ambitions.

For those who doubt this, just look at organizations like Fox News, which has built a financial empire spreading and exploiting hatred.  There have even been rumors that many of its commentators do not believe the vitriol they spew, but they know it generates ratings and profits.


Look at Donald Trump.  While there is strong evidence Trump is indeed a racist and misogynist, there is no doubt that he is unabashed in his willingness, even eagerness, to exploit hatred for political ends.

And his infection is so potent that a plethora of members of the Republican Party he has hijacked have conspicuously stood mute as their ranks are filled with individuals whose only qualification for political office is their ability to spew and exploit the hatred of those who vote for them.

Sadly, even many alleged religious institutions and people, whose edicts would seem to serve as a vaccine against the virus of hate, have come to realize that hatred is good business.  So, they preach "love thy neighbor" in one breath, then, in the next, tell you to hate those who do not subscribe to the same beliefs, who are the "wrong" skin color, or even those who belong to a different sect of the same religion.

Why?  Because instigating such divisiveness keeps the flock loyal and intact and the collection plates full, and, if it requires a smattering of hatred to achieve these ends, it's all part of the cost of doing business.

So, stop being baffled by how tyrants obtain and maintain power.  They have uncovered the great secret of the world.  And it is not the "law of attraction."  It is the law that says:  Spread and exploit hatred-even if you don't subscribe to that hatred yourself-shamelessly, relentlessly, and viciously, and the masses will swarm to your side like vultures to carrion.  They will give you their money, their devotion, their very souls, because hatred is the bread they eat, the air they breathe, and the force that sustains their very existence.  You will acquire wealth and success beyond your wildest dreams, and your followers will remain content in the belief that others, including those in power, share their hatred and irrationality.

Hate on my friends!  And continue to support those who exploit your hatred for their self-serving ends.  Just remember that the world you eventually destroy will be your own.

David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Report

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