COVID-19, Democracy and You

Before being, a disclaimer; these are the views of the writer and not necessarily the views of the publication nor the Editorial Staff of the publication. The right to hold these views is protected in International Law under the UN International Convention on Civil and Political Rights; to which the majority of world states are signatories.

I have recently read an article concerning an alleged attempt on the life of the Prime Minister of Canada; Trudeau. The attempt is reported as having been carried out on 2nd July 2020 at the Official Residence of the Prime Minster and was conducted by an "armed to the teeth", 46-year-old Canadian ex Serviceman, Corey Hunter.

Now I reside in the backwaters; Aotearoa / New Zealand and it may be excusable that this "news" slipped the attention of local MSM, but I also noted that Canadian MSM were somewhat amiss in this regard as well -  practically not writing about this, and only after the indictment was filed, the National Post Newspaper admitted that it was "like an attempted assassination."

But what I found most disturbing about this incident was the manner in which it was reported.  The news was presented in a sensationalistic manner, using all the de novo catch words designed to trigger your predetermination of events. Firstly, they assault your brain with details about how dangerous this person was; "Harren is a veteran of the Canadian Army, and now a reservist, was armed to the teeth - an M14 assault rifle, a loaded military standard revolver, an illegal magazine with an expanded capacity, and two loaded shotguns. Harren's list of accusations includes 21 firearms and verbal threats against Trudeau - "he deliberately threatened to cause Prime Minister Justin Trudeau death or bodily harm"".

So here you have all the "standard" requirements that Governments perceive as "threats".  Not only was he seriously armed - he had military training - a person trained to kill! [I wonder who trained him?].  The accusations have a very familiar ring to them. But then, the coup de grâce, they give you the label to put on him;  "Although much is unknown about Hunter, it is clear, at least, that he is influenced by extreme right-wing ideas. He served in the army from 1997 to 2000, quit corporal, and became a reservist in 2019. At the end of March, on his small business instagram, he reprinted a supporter of QAnon, an extreme right-wing group that urges Trump to arrest and destroy his opponents from the "deep state" and the Democratic Party. In May on Facebook, Hunter admitted that he was afraid of losing his sausage business. An hour before the attack, he reprinted the post with support for the claim that Bill Gates and international organizations created the COVID-19 pandemic (the extreme right spread this statement in the US and Germany)." 

So, we have a label now, he is a right-wing extremist opponent of Deep State and the Democratic Party! The only label missing there would be "Christian Fundamentalist" and they would have covered all the bases!  The use of derogatory adjectives allows little people who are agents of Government to, without having to think, go to their handbooks and follow procedures on how to "deal" with this "type of person". Regardless of the person's views - and he is lawfully entitled to hold and express them without disparaging, derogatory discrimination from little administrators and the corporate élite MSM.  His views actually are very quickly becoming "Mainstream" and it is very noticeable that they left out "conspiracy" from their list of adjectives.

This is most likely owing to the fact that conspiracy theory is fast losing its punch as more and more so-called conspiracy theories are being proven as factual. Let's just have a quick look at US False Flag "conspiracy" operations -

  1. Mexican wars of 1819 and 1846-48
  2. Annexation of Hawaii, 1893
  3. Spanish-American War, 1898
  4. Korean War, 1950-1953
  5. Vietnam War Tonkin Incident, 1964
  6. Grenada invasion
  7. Panama invasion
  8. U.S. and Israeli sponsored war between Iraq and Iran, 1980-1988
  9. Bombing of Libya, 1984
  10. Desert Storm (First Gulf War), 1991
  11. Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan invasion), 10/7/01
  12. Enduring Justice (Second Gulf War), 3/20/03

Reference for these 12 - Independent Australia, 13th  July 2020.

Add to those;

  • John F Kennedy - Lee Harvey Oswald the lone gunman.
  • Bobby Kennedy - CIA OP with "the Lady in the Polka Dot Dress
  • USS Liberty Incident 8th June 1967 and more latter ones like,
  • Oklahoma Bombing,
  • 9/11 Twin Towers
  • Sandy Hook
  • Boston Marathon
  • LA shooting

There are many more - just Google them. However, the US is not alone in this enterprise, many more States are involved including our own little Aotearoa/New Zealand; when the big US Corporation tells it to do something, it happens.

What happened in this Canadian incident has very striking similarities to the standard modus operandi of Governments. When a narrative is getting out of hand, or when you want to influence public option; create a problem and then offer a solution to it. Sheepoeple fall for it every time.

MSM would have you believe them and the government(s) that this "planted stooge" [think, Lee Harvey Oswald] is an extremist, right -wing terrorist who wants to destroy Deep State and the Democratic Party.  Looking at the history of States, I know who I believe are the real terrorists.

However, the introduction here of the reference to Bill Gates and the COVID-19 epidemic is very interesting because the official narrative on this subject is getting hammered in the social media and now there is a huge ground swell opposed to the unlawful quarantining of people and on how the actual virus came about in the first place and even how it is spread.

I recently viewed a News clip involving an interview with Bill and Melinda Gates of the Bill Gates Foundation and it caused me considerable concern as anyone with the slightest amount of common-sense and possessing reasoning could interpret what was said and the body language that went with it as a vailed threat.  [Melinda Gates wore an up-side-down Cross and that told me as much as I needed to know about her].

In the interview, Bill Gates is seen in a rather pensive, somewhat sombre mood, reflecting on the few countries [New Zealand being one] which managed to survive the COVID 19 virus. His whole demeanour changed dramatically, to a satisfied gloating when he announced that they won't survive the second wave that is coming. [He has sure knowledge of this?]. Perhaps he is just prophetic.

I am unsure if you are aware that the COVID 19 virus is the Coronavirus, renamed. The reason for that is because it was discovered that the Coronavirus was man-made; the Pirbright Institute in the UK of which Bill Gates has a financial interest applied for a US Patent which was granted on 20/11/2018 and expires 2035. The Patent number is US10130701B2 and the copy I have is 65 pages. Some of the so-called "FACT CHECK" web sites [sponsored by Government Agencies and Security Operators] try to deny the direct link between Bill Gates and the Pirbright Institute by saying that Bill Gates did not fund the research. I am sure you understand plausible denial when you see it too.

Pirbright Institute deny that they made this virus to affect man-kind, saying that they developed it for "birds". - Who spends literally tens of millions of dollars developing a virus to affect and kill birds? [It is a rhetorical question as I will answer]. The people who have already established that birds are the vector for transmitting pathogens to Man. Do you recall the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)? - it came from birds and was also subject to a US patent.

Fact Checker; false claims web sites post this;

"A viral video that has been posted and deleted from YouTube and other social media platforms makes the claim that old virus patents show the novel coronavirus dates back to at least 2006. These claims falsely confuse the patents for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) with COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus. SARS is also part of the coronavirus family, but it stems from a different coronavirus strain and is a different disease to COVID-19".

Anyone who can read can see that this denial is paper-thin. Of course, COVID 19 is a different strain, it is man-made and patented so it must be different to the other patented strain.

Do you recall the Avian Flu epidemic?  The Avian Flu epidemic and the SARS outbreak proved that birds were a suitable vector to infect man-kind.

Pirbright Institute just utilised the vector and patented a new strain of Coronavirus. When it hit the Internet that they had patented it, the various agencies around the world collaborated to give it a name change to COVID 19 and a disinformation campaign to discredit the truth and spread confusion. 

It is reported [I am still researching the validity of the article] that the Israel Times Newspaper reported some two weeks before the outbreak of COVID 19 in Wuhan that there would be an outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan. Allegedly, NATO partners were advised by the US and as Israel is on such friendly terns with the US, they were advised as well but unfortunately, they broadcast the news. Now, if this is true then either the US is God or they planned it. Given the US penchant for acts of terror and false flag events, I know what option I would choose.

Mass hysteria has been generated by the governments of the world and mass media outlets over the lethality of this new man-made virus when in fact it has a lethality rate of between three and five percent - much less than some previous strains of common influenza! It has mainly affected those of impaired immune systems and the elderly. In order to boost the statistics of those "dying" from COVID 19, false positive results were recorded, those who "died" from other causes but had a positive test to COVID 19, were recorded as COVID 19 deaths. [People who were tested for COVID-19 became infected after testing]. Consider- road deaths alone in the US account for thirty-eight thousand per year with over four point four million seriously injured, young and old alike - no mass hysteria about that!

The purpose of mass hysteria is to create panic in the population so that they will accept any draconian measures which they feel are designed to "keep them safe" even though such measures include the removal of basic Rights. This is a well tried and proven operation - we saw it clearly in the 9/11 Anti -Terrorist enactments in the US. The Corporation United States created the problem and then offered the solution. Stupid people, too accustomed to being led, readily fell for the entrapment. 

My prediction is that there will in fact be a new wave of Coronavirus, which will have been manipulated to increase the lethality of the original virus - a group of independent doctors from Europe who have examined the corpses of those who have died solely from COVID 19, and not of other underlying causes have reported their findings. What they found was COVID 19 affected other organs than the lungs in a most peculiar manner - the effect was such that if the Doctors had carried out an autopsy at time of death, and not knowing that cause of death was reported as COVID 19,  they would have suggested that the patient died of Dengue Fever. 

Bill Gates was recently in NEW ZEALAND talking to our leader(s).  I would have loved to have been a "fly on the wall" during those secret talks. NEW ZEALAND has signed up to his new vaccine programme.

This current situation over Coronavirus [COVID 19] continues the same old well-trodden path of public hysteria followed by unlawful enactments under the pretext that "it is for your own good". 

The First Year Law Students Text Book "The New Zealand Legal System" quotes Mills Classic Liberalism;

"The only purpose for which power can rightfully be exercised over any member of a civilised community against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical   or moral, is not sufficient warrant. He cannot be rightfully compelled to do or forebear because it will be good for him to do so, because it will make him happier, because in the opinion of others, it would be wise, or even right. These are good reasons for remonstrating with him, or reasoning with him, or persuading him, or even entreating him, but not for compelling him, or visiting with evil in case he do otherwise."

A perfectly healthy person cannot be lawfully locked up in their own home. Sure, if the person shows any sign of COVID-19 then he should [self-quarantine] be confined to his home along with his family and medical authorities watch on him.  Likewise, no one can be forced to take any vaccine for their own good.

However, one might ask, if the lethality rate of the Common Flu is as high [or higher] as COVID-19, should those with the flu not seek quarantining?

The sad part about all of this nonsense is that people fail to see that their Rights are being abrogated. People fail to understand the base of power. Power comes from the People, and People create governments to serve them, not rule over them.  But we have been deceived.

Democracy is a pipe -dream; the opioid of the masses. Fools think that every term, they have a vote that can change the government and that the government is kept in control by this fairy-tale mechanism.  Wrong!  All your vote does is to change the Board of Directors on a Corporation who will do as the Over-Seas shareholder(s) tell them to do. The real power never changes.

OK, there are those of you who still will not believe - cognitive dissidence it is called. So, to help those of you who are swayed but still can't accept that you have been lied to all your life, I will give you facts concerning the Corporate Governance by using NEW ZEALAND as an example. 

The only form of Internationally recognised Government in NEW ZEALAND is that of a Representative Democratically Elected Government.  [This is the same for the majority of "Western States", the so-called Free World]. However, it you go to the NEW YORK Securities Exchange - Foreign Governments you will find NEW ZEALAND listed there - and most probably your country as well.  NEW ZEALAND's listing is;

The "Owner" of this stock is HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND - this is not the living Monarch, but also a Corporation with Shareholders.  Look at the Business and Mailing address, these are a separate Corporation and not the Parliament of the People.  The reason the Name is in All Capital Letters is because it is a symbol - a Trade Name and not a Proper Noun. The Styles Manual states that All Capitalisation of Roman text is not Natural English unless it has the appropriate punctuation between words - otherwise it must be read all as one and this renders it unintelligible - it is a Symbol/Registered Mark, not a readable language.

Still not convinced? Well, the Crown Corporation of NEW ZEALAND Incorporated apparently became peeved that a US Corporation, Virtual, listed as one of their web sites. NEW ZEALAND was a protected Tradename! The Crown Corporation of NEW ZEALAND Incorporated took a case to the World Intellectual Property Organisation - a division of the UN and filed suit against Virtual Countries Inc.  In order to file suit, the true identity of the Parties must be declared. The Identity of the Crown Corporation of NEW ZEALAND Incorporated was listed as; HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, in Right of her Government in New Zealand, as Trustee for the Citizens, Organisations and State of New Zealand, acting by and through the Honourable Jim Sutton, the Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs and trade.  The case number is 02002- 0754.

There you have it - the organisation usurping power of government is a Corporation acting in a Trust in the role of TRUSTEE. The Citizens, Organisations and State of New Zealand are the Beneficiaries. Yet you will find that all of your governments have twisted the truth and tricked you into be the Trustee - the Trustee always pays!.

By a Constructive Fraud, the Governments, deceive you into being Artificial Persons - a creation of the Government and thus "owned" by the Governments by way of a Birth Certificate - and as such you are no longer eligible to claim your inalienable Rights but instead must rely on Privileges issued by the Corporation; Privileges which can be removed at the pleasure of the Corporation. You currently have no Rights! He who does not fight for his Rights, has none - Legal Maxim.

This COVID-19 nonsense is an attempt by the Corporations of the World, who answer to an elite secret Corporation, to further subjugate man-kind; to strip away all semblances of Rights and return Man to Serfdom. And what is more, they will succeed because of the apathy of Man. Nothing in this world occurs by chance - coincidence has nothing to do with it; there is far too much at stake for the elite to allow chance to have any say in the outcome. For your own good, you will have mandatory vaccination. For your own good, you will be jailed in your own homes. The ease with which people succumbed to the demand to Self-isolate because of an irrational fear of a virus and MSM hysteria and Emergency Laws enacted by Corporations has embolden the Corporations to set the bar higher next time.

It is almost too late. You, yes, YOU can do something. There is no need for some Jacobean revolution and heads rolling - the most dangerous thing to a government is a Thinking Man.  Time to put way your Smartphone, turn off your TV, burn your MSM newspapers and start thinking about world events; link events; look for similarities between events and research them.  Learn what are your Rights - Google is your friend - look up the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Demand your Rights - Exercise you Rights and free yourself from the slavery of the Corporations who want to return you to the Middle Ages Serfdom state.

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Author`s name Jim Jones