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What happens to countries with no borders? Consider Kosovo

By Michael Pravica

As we continue to watch the unbelievable bizarre, immature, and wholly irrational saga over whether or not we (the US) will be fortifying our borders with Mexico and constructing a more continuous and less permeable wall there, we might want to consider the disastrous consequences of open borders as they essentially existed between Yugoslavia and Albania when Josip Broz Tito ruled Yugoslavia from 1945-1981.  For months, I have waited some discussion in the West relating NATO's theft of Kosovo from Serbia in 2008 with and the recent US border destabilization/problems to no avail.  The corporate-controlled mainstream media so thoroughly censored/controlled discussion (and continues to do so this day) of anything related to Yugoslavia with so much fake news that few in the West see the writing on the wall and thus I write in the desperate hope of warning my fellow Americans to learn the lessons of Yugoslavia. 

  Josip Broz Tito, the half Croat/half Slovenian communist dictator of Yugoslavia, mistrusted and feared the Serbs having fought them in WWI as an Austro-Hungarian army soldier.  He sought to reduce/dilute Serbian influence and power in Yugoslavia as the nation's largest ethnic group.  He reduced Serbia's territory by creating two "autonomous" provinces: Vojvodina in Serbia's North and Kosovo in Serbia's South with the eventual goal of allowing these two integral pieces of Serbia to be ultimately taken away from Serbia ["National Minorities under Communism," P. Shoup, Slavic Review, Vol. 22, No. 1 (Mar., 1963), pp. 64-81].  As Tito viewed himself as the Stalin of the Balkans, he made an arrangement with Enver Hoxha, the even more brutal communist dictator of Albania to surreptitiously allow Kosovo to become "Albanian" by encouraging illegal immigration of hundreds of thousands of Albanians into Kosovo, the spiritual Jerusalem of Serbs's Orthodox Christian faith for over 1300 years.  Tito also forbade the return over 100,000 Serbian civilians who had been ethnically-cleansed by Albanian pro-Nazi fascists during WWII to their ancestral homes after the war.  The goal was to encourage Albanian "friendship" with Yugoslavia by giving away to the Albanians Serbian-dominated Kosovo in the hopes that Albania would join Yugoslavia.  In the ensuing decades, hundreds of thousands of Albanians illegally migrated into Kosovo.  Once there, many of them persecuted local Serbs and drove them away, poisoned their water wells, and desecrated their millennial-old Churches,  Monasteries, and other cultural monuments just as they did during WWII but with Tito's silent blessing with the aim of eradicating any trace of their culture from the region.  Kosovo also became a critical transit point for heroin coming from Asia into Europe (giving Albanian drug lords significant illicit income) similar to cocaine coming from Columbia and other South American nations into Mexico and then into the US.  Tito was so eager to tilt the population of Kosovo in favor of the Albanians (who had a higher birthrate than Serbs in Kosovo as one of Europe's most impoverished ethnic groups) that he would be the godfather to the ninth child born to any family there. 

        I personally witnessed this "silent" anti-Serb terror and pogrom in 1988 when I visited Yugoslavia/Kosovo for the first time.  A Mercedes with Belgrade license plates was overturned by a Kosovo Albanian mob.  Serbian Orthodox Monasteries (over 1000 years old) were routinely desecrated and sprayed with Albanian graffiti.  We, as Serbian-American students, could only walk outside of the Pec monastery in Kosovo with an armed guard. And of course, Albanians in Kosovo largely spoke their Albanian language demonstrating no interest in integrating and assimilating into Yugoslavia which mostly spoke the official Serbo-Croatian language just as Tito originally planned.  Over the many decades since WWII, hundreds of thousands of Serbians were silently cleansed.  Even the Serbian Orthodox Patriarch (Pavle) was viciously beaten by Albanian youths.  The effect of the persecution of Serbs in Kosovo tilted the population of Kosovo in favor of the Albanians as hundreds of thousands of Albanians spilled into Kosovo (illegally) from the far poorer Albania.  This gave the West the perfect excuse to steal Kosovo from Serbia (under guise of "humanitarian" intervention thanks to the cacophony of anti-Serbian fake news) as had been planned long before 1945.

     It was the decades-long persecution of Serbians in Kosovo that enabled Slobodan Milosevic to take power in Serbian with his famous but totally misquoted speech to Kosovo's Serbs promising that no one would ever beat them again.      

     Fast forward some 74 years and today we witness the unsurprising result:  a religiously and ethnically "pure" Greater Albanian banana republic of Kosovo cleansed of non-Albanians which was stolen by NATO to create a safe haven for Islamic extremists and to keep NATO in business after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 by establishing Camp Bondsteel there to act against Russia someday soon.  We continue suffering "blowback" from the stupid decisions of the US State Department which have destroyed international law and may provoke WWIII.  Kosovo will become a future catalyst/flashpoint for even more vicious war in the Balkans perhaps leading to WWIII as it led to WWI in 1914 because it was not legally created.  It has also demonstrated to terrorists and secessionists the world over that terrorism can successful alter the borders of nations.  Kosovo is an impoverished economic basket case and slave to NATO and a fertile ground for Islamic terrorists.  Why, only recently, the "country" accepted over 100 of them and their families back where at least 400 had joined ISIS! 

      Now let's consider a similar situation here in the US.  It appears that Democratic "American" "leaders" such as Nancy Pelosi want the same thing to happen America's Southern Flank and have our border regions (including Texas) destabilized by encouraging the open migration of largely economic refugees many of whom do not speak English and some of whom may never assimilate here.  [I vividly remember living in Las Vegas New Mexico and running into Walmart employees who did not speak one word of English 20 years ago!  Today it's only getting worse.]  America, like Yugoslavia was a multiethnic haven for many peoples but when some abuse this welcome and seek to destabilize and break up distinct regions for their selfish ethnocentrism, I have an issue with that. Beyond that, tremendous criminal activity has been enhanced in the open border regions where guns, sex slaves, illicit drugs, and money cross our unguarded border hourly (just like in Kosovo) and our politicians are more interested in defeating President Trump's border initiative rather than address a critical Achilles heel in our nation.  I will never forget reading myriad graffiti when crossing the US Mexican border in Tijuana and Cuidad Juarez with pronouncements and sketches on the Rio Grande about "Aztlan" (Greater Mexico) and that California, Arizona, and Texas will someday be returned to Mexico just as NATO has essentially created a Greater Albania based on fake news and Albanian "historical" grievances/myths.  Today, many Latin-American extremists openly covet the Southwestern portion of the US and view population distribution modification via illegal immigration as a means to this end just as what happened to Kosovo. Mexico, just like Albania, is an economic basket case where the rule of the jungle reigns supreme in large swaths of the country which are governed by exorbitantly wealthy drug cartels which murder tens of thousands of innocent civilians (including wayward/hapless American tourists) every year.  The rest of Central America (with the exception of Costa Rica) is not that much better off.  What if China decided to recognize Aztlan as its own nation?  This is exactly what happened when the US illegally and shamefully recognized Kosovo, stealing it from the Serbs who had been its staunchest WWI and WWII allies.  American leaders's support for the illegal and barbaric destruction of a multiethnic and once peaceful nation of Yugoslavia and savage betrayal of its Serbian WWI and WWII allies will haunt them.

     "Leaders" who openly encourage the destabilization of their nation's borders and open immigration with no consideration of the devastating effects to host populations of millions of unacclimated immigrants are traitors and should be prosecuted as such for surreptitiously acting against the interests of the American people.  Every nation on Earth has the right to protect and defend its borders and select who can enter and leave.  I'm not against immigration.  America and Canada are nations of immigrants.  My grandparents and great-grandparents immigrated here.  But they did so legally within the boundary conditions of the law.  We just can't immediately take in everyone who wants to come here. 

    Illegal immigrants are boon for globalist companies.  They put up and shut up to work brutal conditions, hours, and for low pay out of fear of being discovered.  Employers don't have to factor in taxes into their salaries or benefits.  When illegal workers get sick or their children need an education, the legal North American taxpayer ultimately pays for everything, not the companies who hire them.  They also become ideological pawns for sinister globalist "elites" who want to force rapid change of the status quo in societies to enact their enslaving social agenda which is happening as we speak in Europe.

     Globalists such as George Soros (who has invested heavily in Kosovo and who desperately wants to steal the massive Trepca mining complex there) and other sinister globalists want to open the borders of all nations including the US to make everything cheap and easy to "acquire" (steal).   He more than anyone is the puppet master behind the recent charade in the US.   

       However, we must remember the tragic case of Kosovo as a test case/example that is being repeated in many areas of the world including the US as a lesson to what happens when there are no borders as national borders open, refugees flood in and then the borders suddenly become fluid and chaos and the rules of the jungle reign supreme to the delight of globalists.  Be forewarned!

Michael "Scientist" Pravica, Ph.D.

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