An Unwilling Dialogue with a Syrian Rebel

An Unwilling Dialogue with a Syrian Rebel

 The other day I opened my Twitter page and, suddenly, I received a direct mail from an unknown man, obviously of Arabic origin, named Ahmed Abdullah, began with his greeting: "Hello." 

 I checked his profile: 'Works to liberate Syria and the freedom of people.'

 Intrigued, I typed back: "Hi, how are you in Syria? Safe?"

 "Fine, " he replied.

 He goes: "Thank you for chirping the Syrian people. There is no security in Syria! Death is everywhere. "

 I typed: "I care for Syrian people. I know about the massacre, caused by the U.K, U.S. and France."

 Next I'm reading his message with shock.

 "Russia is the reason!" 

 Me: "Are you serious? The White Helmets are the reason!"

 Now he asked me: "Who do you think is the reason of the war?"

"Israel!" I blurted out. 

Ahmed: "What is Israel's interest in the Syrian war?"

 Me: Golan Heights stolen in 1967 from Syria during six -day COR war."  Then added firmly: "Are you a rebel? "

Ahmed: 'I am homeless and I am a refugee."

 Me: Do you live in Germany, France, Sweden or Belgium?"

 The refugee: "No, in Turkey without food and without a home. I was really tired"

 Me: "Of what? Thanks to the late John McCain and Hillary Clinton who destroyed other countries, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya to name a few. "

 "Where do you live? The rebel asked me." I figured out he was on the opposite side of Assad and escaped through Turkey when the Russians began their airstrikes to protect Syria from being ruined.  

 "Where do you live?" He changed the subject.

 Me: "In the U.S."

 Rebel: "I hope to come to you. I'm without a homeland, without a family and without a house." 

 What a nerve, I thought, before replying:

 "Find help somewhere else. Sorry I need to sleep. "

 An Emoji with a crying face appeared on my computer screen, before he tweeted: 

 "Sorry for the disturb."

 "Goodnight." I typed irritated. 

Russians liberated most of Syria from the rebels.  Even provided the rebels a safe haven corridor to abandon their stronghold and drove their families by buses to Idlib after disarming them. Unfortunately, the UK and the US shipped them more weapons. 

 The White Helmets, supported by Brits were saved by the Israelis from their trap in Syria. Four hundred of them! Now they are back in Idlib to stage atrocities by killing children they hijacked from orphanages and civilians by chlorine gas, supplied by the UK. All will be videotaped and blamed on the Assad regime.  This will give an opportunity to bomb Syria by the coalition led by the U.S., UK and France.  Macron is a strange politician.  He just recently sent humanitarian aid to Syria, after his meeting with the Russian President Putin.  The attack on Syria will provoke another wave of migration from Syria to Europe.  

 Meanwhile Syrian air defenses prevented Israeli missile strikes near Damascus International airport, destroying parts of infrastructure.  Thankfully, there were no victims.  

 The whole world knows that Russia provided humanitarian aid to Syria with food, water, and medicines and helped to rebuilt Syria where immigrants can safely return back to their land. About six thousand of them have already left Europe and Turkey to live in their homes or what's left of them.  With new upcoming strikes the Russian help to the Syrian people will be done in vain. 

 Victoria F. Lee.

 September 14, 2018 


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