Tillerson, US Secretary of State, must go

Tillerson must go!

The United States' Head of Diplomacy, or Secretary of State, is an anachronistic, incompetent, meddling, intrusive, insolent and arrogant, rude individual, a brash, foul-mouthed upstart, a conceited, self-important guttersnipe and an insult to the international community, as fit for the job as a pedophile janitor in a grade school.

Rex Tillerson will no doubt go down in the annals of diplomacy as an abject failure, a dangerous charlatan and an incompetent buffoon, the only question being whether he is worse even than any of his predecessors in the same position in recent memory, the notion arising that the US Secretary of State is hand-picked from a clutch of the very worst specimens humankind has to offer.

In saying that President Assad "must go", Tillerson proves that he is an arrogant, meddling, insolent arriviste, as competent to hold his position as a poisoner in the kitchen, an arsonist working as a forest guard, a pedophile in a grade school or a psychopath in a home for the elderly and incapacitated.

How rude does it get? Who the Hell is Rex Tillerson anyway to opine as to whether President Bashar al-Assad must go or remain? Is that not up to the people of Syria? Does Tillerson not know that the Syrian President has the consensus of the majority of the Syrian people behind him, and most Syrians, around seventy per cent plus, want him to remain as their President? Does Tillerson not speak to Syrians and network with Syrians to find out where the point of equilibrium lies?

Tillerson doesn't know the difference between a bottle of brandy and a pig's ass

Obviously not, and I will tell you what Tillerson does. Like others in the high echelons of politics, he has as much clue about what is going on as an ignoramus lying on his backside in Texas bawling obscenities while getting drunk on root beer watching the Simpsons day in, day out. In plain English, Tillerson does not know the diplomatic difference between a bottle of brandy and a pig's ass.

Tillerson does speak to some Syrians, the ones the USA has decided to support, when it was cooking up its nice little mess for the Mid East, like they decided to bring Karzai and a few cronies into an American study program after they launched the Mujaheddin to fight the Soviets and create Moslem fundamentalism as a means to weaken the southern Republics of the Soviet Union and before 9/11. It is called cloak and dagger skulduggery and the US Secretary of State acts as a mafia capo at the top of a festering, stinking pile of rotten morals.

Tillerson hears what those that the USA controls want to tell him and forms his opinion from a biased standpoint based upon one part of the puzzle. He sees a jigsaw puzzle piece with an ant and concludes the puzzle is about insects, when there are a thousand pieces with a thousand different animals and plants. He does this because he thinks he knows what is going on in the world and has an illusion that the USA is mighty and great and is the owner of the truth. He thinks the world owes the USA a favor and therefore Washington can rule the roost. He believes that basically the USA is popular because people from "shithole countries" want to go there to get rich.

What he does not know, because nobody tells him, or at least the people he meets don't want him to know, is that the United States of America is at the very best considered as an untrustworthy partner, one you shake hands with then check whether your wedding ring is on your finger, a country which regards the treaties it signs with less respect than the paper it flushes down the toilet, after use, a shitfaced liar, an utter bastard and a country without any morals at all. It is a country which has committed a twin atomic terrorist attack, which was totally unnecessary (Japan had already started to negotiate armistice terms and the terms were identical to the agreement signed after the bombing), it has dropped napalm on kids in Vietnam, carried out massacres, used human beings overseas as guinea pigs in medical experiments, has deployed military hardware against civilian structures in Iraq, after lying to create a causus belli (someone belch that at Tillerson in plain English in monosyllables please), has doled out rebuilding contracts among Shite House cronies (whoops, a typo), without a tender of course, then sided with terrorists in Libya and now, Syria.

So the ones Tillerson talks to are the same ones who raped nuns, raped little girls before and after they were decapitated, and before and after the head was used as a football among his jeering terrorists, who murdered and tortured Syrian policemen, firemen, ambulance drivers and soldiers, ripped their hearts out and ate them like a bunch of cannibalistic savages, who forced children to watch their parents being murdered and tortured, who decapitated little boys for being "of the wrong religion" and sold girls off as sex slaves. And he is so damned stupid and parochial that he believes them.

Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. These are the ones Tillerson speaks to, these are the ones whose opinions he takes as the Gospel. Tillerson has no respect for democracy or the rule of law, he is a self-seeking anachronistic, loud-mouthed lackey of the Devil himself and as welcome on the international stage as a turd on the dinner table. For some reason, Americans traveling abroad claim that they are Canadians and hide their passports in shame.

Nobody anywhere respects the United States of America. Those who go there only do it because they think the Americans are so stupid they will have a free pass to use the place and its people as a means to make it rich, not because they love America; those outside consider the country as the worst offender in human rights in recent history. Look at Abu Ghraib, look at the torture and concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay, yet Washington is always lecturing others about human rights and how high and mighty the USA is. A study in hypocrisy.

In conclusion, I would wager that I could do a far better job myself than Tillerson, even not being an American citizen. So instead of mouthing off like an imperialist swine about who should or not be the head of a sovereign nation, I would do more for the USA than anyone else in recent history by bringing about a change of tack.

This would involve looking at my own navel instead of playing around with others, setting my own house in order before gallivanting around the globe pretending to be a policeman and getting the country hated. As a representative of US diplomacy I would feel it was my duty to make Americans proud by being liked and considered as friends, instead of being considered as a meddling bunch of nosey, intrusive, belligerent bullies.

I would commit myself to honoring the agreements I signed, pull out the military bases strewn like dollops of excrement sullying a white sheet of snow, stop taking sides in the internal affairs of sovereign states, tell Israel to abide by international law and human rights, to disband its colonies and pay rent for the use of the land until it did so, pay on top of that a fine for illegal use of land, stealing of property and acts of terrorism. I would concentrate on education and development, without strings attached, instead of deployment of troops. I would concentrate on trade and developing jobs and markets in countries which needed support.

Ya'll know what?

In the language of Tillerson, ya'll know what? The country would be liked. People would smile genuinely instead of feeling white-knuckled, seething, teeth-clenched hatred and America would indeed be seen as a great country and a leading member of the international community, instead of a pig-ignorant schmuck who had ridiculous notions of grandeur without deserving it, like the village idiot who proclaimed himself King of Saturn.

Would Tillerson understand this? Nope! He belongs to the shithouse idea that if you're big you kick ass and if you're small you get your ass kicked. Welcome to the Tillerson version of Trumpland! Speaking of which, what was it that Trump promised on foreign policy? Ah I know!

"We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past. We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments. ...In our dealings with other countries we will seek shared interests wherever possible..."

In which case, apart from being arrogant, intrusive and downright insolent, Tillerson is a sniveling, underhanded, yellow-bellied traitor, because he is directly disobeying what his President laid out as policy. Or else, if this is not the case, then Trump is a lame duck loser with his balls caught in a vice controlled by Tillerson, that idiot who belives in cohabitation between men and dinosaurs and that Fartacharjagee female or whatever she is called at the United Nations Organization.

The United States of America does not fail in disgusting one to the core precisely because its diplomacy is headed by something like Tillerson. US out of UN, UN out of US. Don't like the piece, Tillerson? Can't take the heat? Then get out the kitchen. Why don't "ya'll" take your "ass" back to Texas, slam the door, lock it and throw away the key? Moral of the story? Tillerson must go!

Photo: Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2544777

Sabrina Harman poses over the corpse of Manadel al-Jamadi, after he was tortured to death in U.S. custody.

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