Presidential Debate: Looney Lefties press; Trump rebuffs with timely right cross for KO

In case you missed it, the third and final U.S. Presidential debate happened this past Wednesday evening. The UNLV campus in the world's sin city capital of Las Vegas, Nevada was the venue all liberals preferred. Everything was on the line; the opportunity to capture undecided voters as well as gaining momentum for a decisive result on November 8th hinged on the very outcome of this slugfest.

The caveat only applied to Republican Donald Trump if you listened to and are gullible enough to believe the MSM. Democrat Hillary Clinton was told to just go through the motions; lean on her podium; not to expend much energy but rather store something in reserve in order to save her failing health if indeed she started to fade or even pass out in the late rounds.

True to its advance billing the bout was a slugfest; but a one sided affair; even a rout. The Donald did not disappoint. He let his hands go as early as the first moderator's question. Fact was the contenders did not even perform the customary 'touch gloves' ceremony after they were introduced and cautioned by the referee/moderator, a closet liberal masquerading as a conservative Fox News anchor.

Trump: Defeat terrorists

That is beside the point. Trump straightaway went to work on center stage. His power shots scored repeatedly: a pro-life stance, strong and immutable positions on tackling illegal immigration and defeating Islamist state terrorists, as well as touting his viable plan to revive the anemic U.S. economy (one per cent growth under Obamanomics; lowest in America's history). In defense Clinton clung to her corner; hung on to her podium for dear life. At best she could only mutter something about following Obama's footsteps and cutting the deficit by two thirds. Her powder punch drew laughter from the live audience.

'Challenger' Trump was not deterred though. In the middle rounds he continued to hammer Hillary's weak midsection; her body teetered. Maybe by misstep, the lithe Trump landed a few kidney blows. That salvo seemed to perk Clinton up. Her energetic moment did not last. When she finally ventured out into the open, it was the moderator and not Trump whose short right stopped her dead in her tracks.

Why doesn't Clinton give straight answers?

His question: Do you still vow to uphold your oath as a public servant not to violate the conflict of interest principle even in appearance; the pledge you made as a U.S. Senator? That question dropped her like a stone. Clinton tripped on her tongue. As usual she tried deflection; refused a straight answer. The weak tack drew several rapid fire cautions by the moderator. It was a propitious interval; the audience may have felt that Clinton was ready to hit the canvas (podium first); but the bell saved her. The moderator moved on.

Then deep into the contest, Donald Trump found his old form. His stiff jabs landed repeatedly; many found the target: Clinton's lying mouth. More than once she convulsed. Even that pesky fly left its former perch on her eyebrow; it got scared after Clinton put on her joker's smirk. Soon she resorted to her former tricks: invention and spewing out line upon line of hackneyed platitudes. Her biggest whopper (to no one's surprise) revolved around her post Secretary of State racket aka The Clinton Foundation. She hid behind fake altruism; claimed that 90 percent of the donations went to charities or other worthwhile causes. The facts refute her: only 10 percent went to charities.

When that weak foray went astray she tried to setup Trump for a sucker punch: Clinton threw honored and deceased former Muslim U.S. serviceman Khan 'under the bus' a second time. The Donald was not moved. He did not take the ruse. Instead, he allowed Clinton to self-destruct with the same-old-warmed-over tired lies: she was the true advocate for all African Americans when she was not saving women and girls around the globe, etc.

A fixed moderator

Ostensibly the fix was in. Clinton's corner people were content if she went the distance. Down ballot Democrats would welcome a split-decision. So would Clinton. Problem was Trump was ahead on all judges' cards'; by a lot too. In the sixth and final round, just when many American patriots thought that Trump had won a unanimous decision, the moderator showed his true colors. He intervened on Clinton's behalf. He posed his presumptuous question in the dying seconds. The bias it contained was for all intents and purposes a directed liver shot; meant to inflict maximum damage on Trump; even deliver a fatal blow. He asked: Will you accept the outcome of the General Election in order to ensure a smooth transition of power for the incoming Administration?

Trump did not flinch. His right cross soared over the top of the traitor's weak jab. The power shot shattered the chimpanzee minkee's glass jaw. Trump's adroit response even scored a continuation hit on Clinton as her sagging countenance convulsed again. Trump acquitted himself with aplomb when he shot back. "I will see. I will look at it, at the time. I will keep you in suspense." His stand was a clarion call. It was the separation move that set he and true patriots far apart from the insufferable establishment oligarch class, its lying and conniving media sycophants and their sock puppet of choice, Shillary Clinton.

Trump would never surrender; not like sellout Sanders. He would stay the course. Trump would soldier on until America returned to greatness. Victory is assured. The great land will be governed by the people, of the people and for the people once again. Hurry on November 8th.



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey