Everyone is Less than Three Degrees from Putin

By Phil Butler

Chances are, if you are reading this, your world is already unshakably predictable. Chances are you've become accustomed to the cycle of media confusion, and to the misinformation that is particularly rife in western dialogue. Those refugee problems Arab Spring caused, they are in every scrap up European news somehow. Libya and Syria, and the long lost war on terror are there too, burning at the corners of every sane person's mind. And Hillary Clinton! How boring would your day be without watching the slipperiest of politicians avert a treason trial? I wonder though, has it occurred to anyone but me, how uniform and circular this media war has become? Here are some simple observations I hope readers will add to, or comment on.

Every day I wake up to some new "revelation" concerning Vladimir Putin. I know I am not the only analyst whose job gets easier and easier each day. You see, all I have to do to be "up to date" is to type into Google one name. "Vladimir Putin", or just "Putin" renders the latest hamster wheel effect! You are familiar, I know, but maybe the breadth of western propaganda escapes you.

Take last week for an example. I was enraged by the seething cauldron of Russophobes who wanted Russia's Olympic team banned from Rio. Weeks of groundless accusations and unending editorial on Kremlin backed cheating, every true sportsman on Earth was gut wrenched, at the nastiness of this politicizing of sport. I was asked twice to comment on RT during all this, my Russian colleagues were all so upset. Then Thomas Bach and the International Olympic Committee ruled fairly, refusing to ruin the lives of over 300 Russian athletes. Provocation #600 ended, the vehemence died down, and a tearful speech by the world's greatest athletes, female pole vault champion, Yelena Isinbayeva capped off the bloodletting. Another corporate media loss chocked up, time to move on.

Having failed to heap more ruination on the Russian people, the western oligarch owned media decided to cover up Hillary Clinton's heinous activities by inserting the next sensational lie. With the November elections just around the corner, Clinton rigging an election, ruining Barry Sanders' bid for the White House was squelched. In place of this devastating story a new diatribe emerged. "Trump is the real traitor!" Hillary's henchmen had seen to it the "Bern" was put out for good. But the WikiLeaks DNC releases hacked Clinton down into second place behind Trump, something had to be done. Once again, it was almost as if our "truth" is a cycle of lie on lie. Emails revealing Clinton as the most crooked politician of modern times are somehow "non-news", and Donald Trump is suddenly under the supernatural spell of Vladimir Putin.

Now, the Trump-Putin ticket is all the news. Once again the message is based on groundless allegations, innuendo, and reports from a sellout security company that owes its livelihood to Google. Yes, the same Google that allegedly helped the NSA spy on us all. This latest lie instills the idea of a sort of "Putin-Gate", a conspiracy in between Putin and Trump to --- "take over the world?" Well, to do something anyway. According to outlets from The New York Times to BBC, the Kremlin is behind the WikiLeaks dump of DNC files. Mainstream media is force feeding us all, helping us to understand, guiding us poor imbeciles into the light of Hillary Rhodam Clinton and her ne'er-do-well husband Bill.  My thoughts wander here, "For the love of God", I ponder. Did we ever believe we would be ruled by a "Bill"? Once again, all this was predictable, like a revolving door will hit you in the behind if you do not move forward.

Instead of focusing on just how crooked Hillary Clinton is, big media has cooked up an alternative buzz. The New York Times reports "researchers have concluded that the national committee was breached by two Russian intelligence agencies." This too is "hamster logic", we heard about the supposed Kremlin-DNC hacks weeks ago, thinking it was all behind us when a notorious hacker refuted the claims of a company owned lock-stock-and-barrel by the Clintonites. The cyber security firm CrowdStrike just raked in $100 million in a cyber security company wonder bucks from Obama's favorite search company. Silicon Valley is losing its collective mind, at the thoughts of Donald Trump as president, don't you know. I'll show you all this in a later report, but for now the suspicious nature and the revolving lie strategy seem more important.

A BBC story lists a bunch of alleged connections in between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Of particular note is a out of context quote from Donald Trump Jr. The snippet below is from a press release dump site Clintonites dug up. This 2008 statement is supposed to damn Donald Trump to the pit of election year hell:  

"Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia."

Like I said, it's predictable. This has been parroted all over the western world as the "end all" proof Putin runs Trump like a puppeteer.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton and her handlers, predictability affords thinkers an advantage. The missing context is the backfire Clinton does not need right now. The statement mainstream media is harping on today was made at a time when every real estate developer worth a nickel was looking at emerging markets, and in particular Russia. Donald Trump Jr. stated:

"The emerging world in general attributes such brand premium to real estate that we are looking all over the place, primarily Russia. There are countries that have not been fully tapped by us such as Thailand, Vietnam and Argentina. We are currently looking at potential deals. Our interest is really everywhere because there is a lot of new money in the emerging markets which appeal to certain brands whether ego-driven or having the life-jacket effect that we feel gives added-value to our investment."

Like every other allegation leveled at Putin the truth of these reports seem to emerge. The full story reflects the younger Trumps concern for real business, but the snippet is meant to bolster the lie. The fact is, 2008-2009 was an eventful investing time in Russia. And you will find this element predictable too.

No report about Donald Trump working for Putin will include the fact that  Nat Rothschild and legendary American hedge fund billionaire John Paulson bought into Russian aluminum company Rusal at the same time. Nor will the $2 billion lost in Russia by Obama and Clinton backer George Soros. This was at the time of the world financial crisis, remember? I could go on-and-on, but my point is well made already. Assertions against Donald Trump are predictable too. This is a systematic strategy that comes into effect any time the Clintons are involved in anything. Case in point, the current story covers the fact that the Clinton Foundation was involved in the "Uranium" scandal during 2009. Yes, while Donald Trump's legitimate "investments" went on in Russia, the Secretary of State was benefitting from selling off the United States' strategic uranium reserves to Russia. Amazingly, nobody has suggested Bill and Hillary Clinton are controlled by Mr. Putin.

I told you - predictable is your world. Try it out yourself, type Putin or Trump into Google, and see what oozes out. The truth of anything has become predictable, foreseeable too. If The New York Times or BBC say "it is so", then it is not. And in social media, the allegiances and payoffs dot the landscape, while rumors of Putin misdeeds abound. Later on I'll report on the sellouts glued to Clinton, but for now just take some solace in the fact you can "know" what is good and bad. It's the opposite of what they say.

Phil Butler

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Author`s name Phil Butler