Trump Slips Leftist Jabs; Moves Right; Hits Harder

It seems now 'The Donald' is back. His message to the American voter is focused as ever. For about three weeks the presumptive GOP nominee appeared to be on hiatus. A lull sometimes happens after victory. Even Trump himself was surprised after he swept the Republican nomination in record time. Along the way he vanquished 17 opponents; made it look easy.

However, there is an argument to express here; one shared by many supporters: he should have honed in and attacked Hillary Clinton from every angle as well as citing her failed record in public office. Albeit in his defense proponents proffer that Trump had to deal with schisms within his party. Many of the RINO big wigs and some former opponents were engaged in backbiting. One, House Speaker, Paul Ryan, complains about Trump almost daily.

Ryan's treachery

Fact is Ryan's treachery knows no decent bounds. That was yesterday. 'The Donald', much the wiser knowing that he has all the trump cards and the delegates going to the Cleveland Convention has already shifted his attention and campaign strategy to where it belongs: dialed in sights on Hillary; his focus is squarely on her. Today Trump is back in his groove. In the process Trump may have torn a page from the film, 'The Power of One'. That poignant scene occurs when African prisoner Geel Piet (Morgan Freeman) as mentor/trainer exhorts his young white protégé, Peekay (aka 'Rainmaker') to ascribe to the proven boxing attributes of speed and superior footwork. By extension Piet assuages his lad charge that Peekay's diminutive physical stature can work to his advantage. "Little beat big when little smart.

First from the head; then from the heart. Can't catch you, can't hurt you!" Those are fine words; sage advice for any underdog in any undertaking. Moreover, that same exhortation has similar portents for politiks; especially for America's upcoming general election and battleground for the Presidency. Successful businessman Trump is the outsider. He is for all intents and purposes the 'little guy'. Albeit, not lacking in physical stature, Donald Trump's campaign finances pale in comparison to Clinton's money hoarded from her super PAC donors. Most of those are from special interest groups.

PACs - parasites and freeloaders

The American people should view those PACs as parasites; scorn them as freeloaders; expose them as swine that forever feed from the taxpayer funded money troughs at Congress' disposal but wrought from the sweat and blood of ordinary working people. Many donors have Wall Street roots. Investment banks and hedge funds alike have their favor exacting hooks in Democrat challenger Clinton. Crooked Hillary is so beholden to America's fifth column that she must tell more lies to conceal the real truth about her candidacy: she and the corrupt Establishment are of one mind. The 'one percenter' elitists will never surrender their privileges.

They will not relinquish their reins on power. As long as control is concentrated at the apex of the governance pyramid, the people's aspiration to experience real democracy remains a distant dream.

The MSM has also weighed in. The talking heads are the very embodiment of the Establishment. Their dog in the fight to win the presidency is their very survival. The media's combined bark is biased. Their protest howls are loudest whenever Trump speaks. The news anchors though morph into toadies when their darling, Queen Hillary, struts around; but she remains out of reach for serious questioning. Some even likened Clinton's campaign strategy to that of seasoned 'counter puncher'. Hilarious; Hillary...?

The only punch the presumptive Democrat nominee is familiar with is the liquid found in a bowl. No doubt she imbibed plenty of that stuff making the rounds of the Washington cocktail circuit; so much so that punch-drunk Hillary told many whoppers after only a few sips. First, it was the Bosnian 'sniper fire incident'.

Then when called by Congress to testify as to her role in the Benghazi debacle, Hillary played sick. She had a migraine; later she expanded the excuse to include that of a contagious flu. Sounds like a hangover. More plausible: she was hiding a seared conscience. Donald Trump discovered her weakness. He continues to work his jab. His sharp stinging forays into Clinton's dubious past are hitting hard; each sortie is finding its mark on Hillary's soft underbelly. Soon she will drop her guard. Then Trump can finish her with a short, straight right power shot on the button.

The cold truth will deck her. Then voters will count her out. Come November, Hillary Clinton's campaigning by lies and deception will be over. Donald Trump is a quick learner. He probably saw the film's fight footage. Trump memorized Piet's words: "Little does beat big when little fights smart (and punches harder). Hit first from the head; then from the heart." Unlike the film's Rainmaker character in Peekay, Trump's haymakers come straight from the heart. He does not waste time thinking about what must be done. Au contraire, Trump's resolute actions will propel the American people to a huge win.



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey