An American senator (legally) in Syria Part2

On his journey to Syria in April of 2016 the senator of Virginia Richard Black met politicians, soldiers and ordinary people. With all of them, the senator spent time, sometimes even long.

Why do I still come back to this topic?

Richard Black is not the only Western politician to be entered in Syria but, unlike the others, he really entered legally. I.e. he requested permission to the Syrian government, and once he gained, he entered into Syria. This is the difference.

Others, such as certain neocon leaders, entered secretly and met with the so-called "rebels", in contempt of the Syrian government and treating it as if it were nonexistent. In contempt especially to a principle of humanity that you should not entertain amicably with cutthroat murderers who do not hesitate to use nerve gas against civilians that claim to liberate, in order to drive foreign air strikes. Or that impose a medieval and distorted view of Islamic law. Or organize a slave trade as they did in the city-hell of Raqqa.

Unfortunately, for some, those are "our guys" and this is one of the deepest roots of the Syrian drama.

During his journey in April, senator Black met Syrian President Assad and his family.

That for the Western press is, as usual, the cruel dictator guilty and responsible for everything, turned out here to be an affable and quiet person who does his job with a strong sense of duty. He has an elegant and lovely wife, sometimes even shy, as the same Richard Black remembered in a video interview. The children, still says the senator, joked with his father, reminding him that he's the president at the office but at home is the mom to be ... President!

In which house is not the mom to be the President, we ask?

The Assad are a normal family, they do not eat human flesh sushi and they aren't at the head of the Syrian section of the Spectre. They are a normal family which had to endure a daunting task.

From the Assad to the city of Palmyra, the treasure of humanity which threatened to be planed away by history because of a horde of barbarians without land, homeland, honor and God.

Richard Black wanted to visit the ruins of this ancient city that has seen kingdoms and empires, which saw appear and disappear kings, queens, emperors, adventurers and their armies. The UN has declared Palmira as World Heritage Site in 1980 trusting that no one would have involved it in fighting. In 2015 some despicable possessed, useless to Humanity, occupied it. They destroyed many of the artifacts that they could not steal to enrich, en passant, the revenues of the Erdogan family and their others shady principals. They have seen fit to decapitate the poor but brave old archaeologist Khaled Asaad that had dedicated his entire working life to Palmyra.

Fortunately, for us and for Syria, Palmyra was liberated by Syrian soldiers and thanks to the intervention of Russia and the sacrifice of her soldiers.

In the vastness of the Syrian drama, a separate consideration also deserve the many seriously wounded and disabled the war has produced, as all wars do. Richard Black, who fought in the Vietnam war and therefore knows from personal experience and not from hearsay, who lost in combat dear friends and fellow soldiers, visited a Syrian hospital. A war always causes shortage of something. Syrian War and especially the economic sanctions imposed by the West, compact in its being mercilessly criminal, have led to a shortage of prosthetic limbs, among other things. Not only that: there is also a shortage of cancer drugs. Getting sick of cancer in Syria, now, is a double ruin: in addition to the disease that most likely will kill him, the patient experiences the bitter suspicion that perhaps he could be saved if certain drugs were not however blocked by the sanctions.

What have the anticancer drugs with the "Assad regime"? Simple: hit the helpless to sap the general morale. A dishonorable method already seen before.

Well ... that's it. But I want to share a final observation: about Syria, I am not neutral. I do not know the Assad family, I've never met them. And I have never been in their country. But I saw what happened to Libya also because of the Italian treason. Before I saw what happened to Iraq, because of the two American imperial wars. I know how Afghanistan is reduced now. So, I admire the Syrians and the way they have stand during  these eternal 6 years of war.

I wish them to win.


Costantino Ceoldo - freelance

Video interview with Senator Richard Black on his trip to Syria:


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