Russia, shield your children from deadly falsehoods seeping in from Western colleges and universities


By Dennis Jarrard, EdD

Dear Russian Friend,    

     What will be the future of Russia? 

     Every Russian is concerned about this question, as are people around the world.  Will Russia be prosperous or stagnant?  Growing or dying?  True to her culture or Westernized?  A shining example or corrupt and second-rate?

     One thing is certain:  the only future that Russia or any country has is her children.  Whatever affects the minds, hearts and souls of Russia's children today will determine all of her tomorrows.      

     Millions of us Americans and other Westerners believe in traditional moral values and have good will toward Russia.  We hope that she will allow only what is good to enter from the West, and bar the door against everything bad. 

     As an educator, a parent and a friend of Russia, I fear for Russia's future.  I fear that diseased ideas will seep in from the West, infect your children, and produce a Russia disfigured by false teachings, immorality, unstable families, and public health nightmares-a great country with a dismal future.

Western academics hide the truth from students

     Many academics in the West uphold traditional values.  But many others tell their students that traditional religious believers are on the wrong side of science-that they are ignorant and even stupid.  But these academics are merely regurgitating what legions of godless professors, who have a stranglehold on American higher education, have been force-feeding their students for years.

     These professors' twisted "science" comes from schools such as Harvard University and Indiana University.  Leftists everywhere rely on this bad science to propagate their worldview, which is so at odds with reality.  Leftist professors, along with Hollywood movie-makers and the news media elite, have suppressed vital information and almost made non-persons out of courageous scientists whose findings have exposed the errors of their worldview.

     Two such eminent scientists are Drs. Georges Lemaitre and Judith Reisman.  Their stunning discoveries refuted the atheistic professors in two crucial fields, but few young American students know it.  For example, almost all American high school and college students have heard of Albert Einstein.  America's brightest students, our future decision-makers and opinion-molders, believe it was Einstein who explained the universe and its origin.

A Christian academic first explained the universe to Einstein

     Yet like most Americans, few of these young people have heard of Georges Lemaitre, the brilliant Catholic priest, mathematician and physicist who had to explain the universe to Einstein.  After hearing Dr. Lemaitre speak in 1933 in California, Einstein stated, "This is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I have ever listened."  ("A Day Without Yesterday," Commonweal, March 24, 2000.)  

     Dr. Lemaitre was the first physicist to establish that (1) the universe and everything in it were created out of nothing, (2) time and space had a beginning, and (3) the universe expanded from an infinitely small point.  (Of course, this was ancient Judeo-Christian thinking as well.) 

     Einstein, like most academics, at first considered Dr. Lemaitre's ideas to be heresy.  But by the end of the 20th century, the Belgian priest-scientist had been proven right.  Science conceded that the "Big Bang" had happened, it was a one-time event, and the universe was not going to collapse back on itself, because it was actually speeding up as it expanded.  

False Western teachings about the origin of our universe

      Some Western academics have welcomed science's dazzling new discoveries about our expanding cosmos.  But countless Western scientists are still trying to evade the Judeo-Christian implications of the Big Bang theory-the idea that the universe was created out of nothing, and that a Super Intellect was behind it.

     In his brilliantly researched book, New Proofs for the Existence of God, Dr. Robert Spitzer focuses on the groundbreaking BVG (Borde-Vilenkin-Guth) Theorem, which shows that all credible space-time theories about the creation of the universe logically require a beginning for our universe. 

     This discovery implies that when anti-creation scientists propose space-time "universes" that expanded throughout their histories, those universes must have had a beginning with a non-material cause.  This means that, ultimately, a Super Intellect must have created our universe and the human race.

     These anti-creation scientists, who react emotionally against even the idea of an intelligent Creator, ignore the incredible fine-tuning that our universe manifests, the extreme statistical improbability of that precision, and the universe's evident creation out of nothing.  Instead, they propose improbable new theories, desperately trying to explain away the BVG Theorem.

     These explosive new pro-creation discoveries obviously have enormous implications for school curricula.  But most American public schools refuse to teach them to our children.  Why?  Because that would tend to validate Christianity, which would validate the Ten Commandments, which would invalidate the atheist worldview in general and the modern Sexual Revolution in particular.

     Speaking of discoveries, all candidates for doctoral degrees in America must learn to calculate probability, which lets scholars determine mathematically the likelihood of something being true.  At a seminar at the Wistar Insitute of Anatomy and Physiology in the late 1970s, mathematicians showed biologists that all probability calculations debunk the idea that random events caused life to develop on earth.  But, says scientist Gerald L. Schroeder in The Hidden face of God, the biologists simply assumed that the mathematics must be wrong.  

False Western teachings about sexual morality

     Physics is not the only field where scholastic tyranny holds sway.  For the last half-century, secular universities in the West have twisted our children's view of sexuality by foisting "sexology" inspired by Prof. Alfred Kinsey-a sex pervert himself-on them.  But in this case, too, an honest scholar proved the secularists' "research" was fraudulent-and worse.

     In 1980 Dr. Judith Reisman told the Fifth World Congress of Sexuality in Israel how the new field of "sexuality studies" had built an entire "sex education" curriculum based on Prof. Kinsey's "research."  Then she revealed that his "findings" about small children's supposed desire for sex were a horrifying fraud based on "data" that he got from child rapists whose crimes he oversaw as part of his "research."

     Dr. Reisman's revelations angered the "sexologists."  They wanted to keep using Prof. Kinsey's faked "research" to guide universities, high schools and elementary schools in teaching our children their licentious sex lessons.  What's more, they wanted to impose his godless sexual immorality upon the whole world.

     In America, these academic "sexperts" succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  Not only did they corrupt the morals of millions of children through "sex education" (even in many religious schools), but for years their Prof. Kinsey-based sex "science" has guided most members of America's Supreme Court.

Western pseudo-science's millions of victims

     What has the Supreme Court's "culture war" against Judeo-Christian morality brought us?  For one, pornography is everywhere, especially in the hands of young men and sex criminals.  What's more, every index of sexual health has collapsed since 1950, when American campuses began evicting Christian morals and handing our children over to Prof. Kinsey-spawned "sexologists."

     The American health system, which once faced two major venereal diseases (VD), now must deal with 30.  In 1950, less than one percent of young people had VD; today, 25 percent get it before they get their high school diplomas.  An estimated 40 to 50 percent of all American college girls now carry human papilloma virus (HPV), the leading cause of cervical cancer (HPV-caused cancer kills 4,000-plus Americans every year).

     What's more, more than a million Americans have HIV or AIDS.  Tens of millions suffer from incurable genital herpes.  Illicit sex is also a leading cause of self-hatred and suicide among young people. 

     Worst of all, some 216,580 girls aged 15-19 kill their preborn babies through abortion every year.  Girls 15-18 who abort their babies are more than twice as likely as other girls to suffer depression, chronic anxiety and suicidal thoughts, according to the American Life League.  They also risk fatal hemorrhages or infections, punctured wombs, lacerated intestines, infertility and other serious injuries. 

     And what is the "sexologists'" remedy for these horrors?  "Give young people more condoms!"  And more "sex education."  Let our $10 billion pornography industry make more XXX-rated films, too (Los Angeles is the pornography capital of the world).  Then make our kids watch these films in college courses that study pornography or filmmaking.

     Most of America's sexual pathologies, plus abortion and homosexual "marriage," stem from the teachings and writings of university-trained "sexologists."  And now strong contingents in the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association want to legalize adult-child sex-a crime that some advocates call "intergenerational intimacy."  

How to safeguard your children from Western professors' lies

     American legislators and private donors keep handing billions of dollars to publicly funded universities that teach these falsehoods.  And the universities' "soft-science" departments keep hiring ideologues who teach this insanity. 

     These people act as leaders in opinion-making on campus, by controlling academic senates and other powerful groups.  It is they who keep pseudo-science in power in academia.  The last thing they want American children to learn about is the work of the Dr. Spitzers and the Dr. Reismans. 

     American universities have served as Prof. Kinsey's disciples by establishing "gay" studies, radical-feminist "women's" studies, etc., that are hostile to the traditional family.  By capturing the curriculum, these "sexologists" have succeeded in spreading their ideology to such areas as law and medicine.  

     These academic frauds also masterminded the dismantling of America's healthy laws against nude "entertainment," sex clubs, orgies, and other pathologies.  They did this by swaying a majority of our Supreme Court judges with their fraudulent "research."  Laws that outlawed seduction, abortion, pornography, sodomy and adultery all fell in the same way.  "Without God...everything is permitted" (The Brothers Karamazov).

Dear friend, do not let what happened in the West happen in Russia!

     Do not be deceived by those who peddle immorality disguised as "freedom."  True freedom is not doing whatever we please, but having the right to do what we should do.  Immorality is not freedom but the worst form of slavery.

     Do not listen to those who seek to "redefine" the family to include unnatural unions that contradict 10,000 years of human experience.  "The family, a permanent relation between man and woman, is a sound foundation of all societies," said Patriarch Kirill in 2012.  "As an institution founded by God," he added, "...the family warrants respect and protection as it is the cradle of life, a wholesome place of development, a guarantee of social stability, and a sign of hope for society."  The United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human rights calls the traditional family the natural and fundamental unit of society.

     You can do much to save Russia and her children.  Demand the cutoff of all funds to universities (or any other schools) that undermine the Russian people's traditional religious beliefs, suppress new scientific findings about the origin of the universe, or teach Western-style sexual immorality.  Demand that not one "sexologist" or "sexuality institute" be licensed to train people in the destructive lifestyle of Prof. Kinsey.  

     You can help in other ways, too.  Support churches and civil organizations that uphold the traditional man-woman-children family and oppose pornography and immoral films and television.  Inform your clergyman and urge him to act.  Write letters to your legislators and newspapers.  Call the radio talk shows.  Educate yourself and others via the Internet.  Work with Western church leaders and groups that uphold traditional morality.

     The only future Russia has is her children.  Speak out against abortion and support groups that aid mothers who choose life.  ("A nation that kills its own children has no future," warned the Slav Pope, Saint John Paul II.)  Urge couples to be generous in welcoming children, and to avoid greed for material things.  Teach your children to recognize and reject false, immoral and dangerous ideas seeping into Russia. 

     Please pray constantly for the moral and spiritual regeneration of your country, so that she will fulfill her destiny to be a light to the world.  And please pray for the USA and other Western nations as well.

     "Religion and morality are the indispensable support of the public welfare.  A man undermining those pillars of human happiness is no patriot... .  Reason and experience prove that morality in the people cannot exist without religion... .  It is exactly these that have to give vitality and strength to a democratic government."  --George Washington, First President of the United States (Farewell Address)

Dr. Dennis Jarrard

     (Dr. Jarrard received a doctorate in education from the University of Southern California.  He has taught in the University of California and the California State College and University systems.  He served on the County of Los Angeles Commission on Obscenity and Pornography and has been published in the Los Angeles Times.)

     (Adapted from "From Einstein to Kinsey:  How Colleges and Universities Hide the Truth from Our Kids," Human Events Online (a conservative American publication), November 3, 2005, and from an advertisement in The Washington Times, National Weekly Edition, July 3, 2006.  Please feel free to reproduce this article in any media, provided you credit Dr. Jarrard as the author.)

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