Degenerate, barbarian modern European "values"

Since 1961, over eight million people from the Third World have died directly at the hands of the US military, or indirectly via US-backed and funded regimes.

Source: Casualties in the Third World: Loss of life caused by American invasions or by US-backed and funded regimes since 1960.

Below is a rundown on the crimes against humanity committed by our oh so pompous, lecturing, sermonizing denizens of the west.

The US has been ravaging the world, thinking that they are exceptional, indispensible and that they have a God-given right to take over and rule the world. They have been attempting to achieve global domination since 1492, beginning with their mass murderer hero, Christopher Columbus. The US is truly the ugly, bastard child of barbarian Europe, although the US has advanced itself to become master over Europe.

Europe and its bastard child, the US, have no real allies and friends, just vassals and sycophants that they have bullied, bribed and blackmailed.

Whether it be US politicians and spokespersons (wacky Psaki), unelected Eurocrats or western corporate media, there is nothing but continuous admonishments that one needs to obey, imitate and what you are told.

During the savage attacks on Libya, I asked if we are descending into a New Dark Ages. The US is now a crypto-fascist state, masquerading as a democracy. The European Union is a crypto-fascist entity, elected by no one, and certainly not acting according to the will of the people. No one elected NATO, either, to carry out foreign policy and world policeman duties.


So let's take a look and examine what western "values" today truly are:

Killing people is good if the "untermensch" will not obey; the more, the merrier.

Killing children and babies is perfectly acceptable because some day they will grow up to be nothing more than big, adult "untermensch."

Genocide is good when the west doesn't like people. We see nothing, we hear nothing, we say nothing with "good" genocides. If it serves the empire and its elite, it's good.

Killing fascists, Nazis and terrorists is genocide and murder and it means the "humanitarian" bombs are coming.

There is no limit to the amount of money, weapons and lies that the west will contribute to help those killing people they don't like.

The west will determine who is worthy to live and who is worthy of protection; they will decide who should die and who deserves no protection.

The west will cry and protest, going to any lengths to protect murderers.

The west will make acccusations and claims, no proof whatsoever is needed...just accept it as fact.

The west will deny all proof of wrongdoing done by them and/or their proxies, no matter how extensively it is backed up by evidence.

The west will punish with great enjoyment with no evidence whatsoever.

If the west doesn't like you, you are guilty until proven innoent.

Do what we say, not what we do!

It is good to stage an incident killing many innocent civilians and then blame it on the "enemy" (false flag) to serve geopolitical interests.

Any leader not liked by the west, even though he is fabulously popular with his own people and/or elected democratically, is a dictator.

A tyrranical dictator that beheads people, stones women, denies women's rights, finances and exports terrorists is called by the west: "(King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia) ... a man of courage, 'steadfast beliefs,' and (hold your breath) as a REFORMER, albeit a 'cautious' and 'slow' one, respectively, a reformer by virtue of reformist "hints."

Democracy means doing what the west commands you

Terrorism is good when the west doesn't like the country or its leader

The west will decide who will run every country on the planet and the countries will fork over resoures and assets upon command

Freedom is being a good slave.

If you're not rich, you're lazy and worthless.

There is no value to human life that is not part of the 1% "elite."

The scum of the Earth, demonic filth, are the "elite."

Hence we come to the current situation with the Kiev Nazi regime and the west's unconditional support to it. While money and lethal weapons come flowing in from the west, today twelve people were murdered in Donetsk when civilians were lined up waiting to receive humanitarian aid. Gorlovka is under constant shelling from Kiev Nazi regime forces.

Here is a documentary about the war crimes of the Kiev Nazi regime:

The shelling of civilians areas is DELIBERATE not by accident.

In another murderous attack, the evidence shows that the attack on Mariupol came from Kiev Nazi regime forces. Evidence is presented here:

Russia has been constantly and falsely accused of having troops fighting in the country. The Chief of Ukraine's General Military Staff, Viktor Muzhenko, acknowledged that Russian regular army units were not involved in combat action in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Again, another lie exposed.

All of the blood-stained war criminal perpetrators have been making a habit of gathering together with bloody murderer Poroshenko; for example, the incident in France. The hypocrites had the audacity to feign sympathy for the victims with their, "Je suis Charlie."

I have an answer to that..and unlike them, I can say it in all sincerity.

Je suis Donbass

Je suis Sasha

Je suis Vanya

Je suis Donetsk

Je suis Lugansk

At the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, it is amazing that the victims who were killed at Auschwitz did not turn in their graves and create an earthquake when no one but fascist Nazi murderers were prominently parading without the presence of Vladimir Putin, leader of the country responsible for the camp's liberation, Russia and the Red Army. Prominent among those attending was Petro Poroshenko, the butcher of Donbass with the blood stained hands.

Another despicable occurrence was PACE who, along with the western wolf pack, are insisting that war criminal and murderess Nadezhda Savchenko be released and granted international immunity for no reason other than being a servant of the Kiev Nazi regime. The documented evidence against Savchenko can be found here:

Ukraine's war crimes exposed

What is also happening with men being conscripted into service for the Kiev Nazi regime is a mass exodus of military age males. They are hiding, fleeing the country or defecting to the Novorossiya Defense Forces. Thusfar, only 6% are reporting as told. The junta has sent "barrier troops" who have reportedly shot retreating or fleeing troops of the Kiev Nazi regime.

These men have no motivation to fight in Donbass, to kill those who were part of their country at one time. They have no desire to be cannon fodder. They have no limbs to be traded in for a junky little medal from some grotesque US offical that proves who is really benefitting from the deaths on both sides.

Other examples of western treachery are Gaza, where civilians are an endangered species like in Donbass, and the terrorist scourge the west is supporting against Bashar Al-Assad and Syria, a progressive moderate state, one that is noted for its tolerance and diversity.

The west most certainly cannot teach anyone about freedom, democracy, liberty, equality and justice. Their total disrespect for international law has been duly noted, as well as their inability to keep agreements they make. The self-proclaimed ideals of the Empire and its "virtues" and morals are non-existent, because its real dogmas are cvil and ego-centric. Capitalism and neo-colonialism are immoral and anti-human!

Lust and greed drive the west. Leaders are high on drugs, with insatiable appetites to enrich themselves and satisfy perverted desires of the flesh.

Is our world about to become a "western values" dog-eat-dog jungle, where one must hide from marauding gangs who kill, rape, mutilate and destroy? No, it cannot be allowed to happen. Standing in the gap is Russia. The west has decided that Russia is an enemy because Russia rejects "western values." There is not and never were any place for "western values" in Russia.

Russia stands for truth and justice. Vladimir Putin points out that authorities should react quickly to the people's demands. People, that's what is important, not money, consumer goods or depravity, as in the west. The US in particular is an infant country, like a petulant child always wanting its way. Being only a couple of hundred years old, the US cannot grasp or comprehend the complexity and beauty of Russian culture, history, art, music, Orthodox religion or devotion to traditional values.

That is the hope of the world, that the future will not descend into a Dark Ages.

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Lisa Karpova