Sense and Credibility

Since the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, outnumbering the lame Democrats, an old fox, Senator McCain, strategically darted towards the Senate's defense policy seat. This bold stance allowed him to combine two of his most desirable roles as a legislative dealmaker and administration critic! The dashing move is now reflected in the recent resolution that was overwhelmingly passed by the Senate on December 4th, 2014, to provide more military equipment, lethal and non-lethal arms, including NATO training to Ukraine! And guess who is paying for it? We, the U.S. taxpayers, are footing the bill! Did anyone ask our opinion? Of course not!

In September 2014, the Congress declined to provide Kiev with extra military aid. But recently times have changed in favor of Ukraine. Here is a tiny excerpt of the latest announcement:

Passed with 411-10 votes, the resolution slams Russia's "continuing political, economic, and military aggression" against Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova and the "continuing violation of their sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity."

I wonder why McCain and his ilk neocons didn't add the Baltic States towards Georgia and Moldova? Wouldn't it make more sense to have them also working to corner an avid "aggressor?"

First and foremost, not any proof at all has been presented about the Russian aggression since the questionable Kiev Junta came to power in February!

Crimea is Russian territory now.  They righteously joined Russia with the tears of happiness and endless gratitude towards their motherland! After 23 years under the cranky stepmother's Ukrainian administration, their infrastructure was moldy and decayed. Ukraine treated Crimea, a mostly Russian speaking population, like an underpaid Cinderella. Russia restored their beloved land an old glory, changing the quality of life of the Crimean population almost immediately! Their salaries and pensions were raised to the same standard as the Russians had earned as soon as the transitional "Ukrainian" citizens got their Russian passports back.

Get it into your heads! So much blood was shed protecting this sacred territory from many wars and their winnable conquerors that no one is going to return it to Ukraine! Period!  

Ukraine continues to shell the forbidden mines at their population in Novorossyia! Remember, these types of the cluster bombs were condemned and outlawed by the UN years ago, since the end of the Vietnam war.  Did McCain and the Obama administration procure and fetch them to Ukraine? This is a serious crime! We need to outline it and punish every player involved in this deliberate genocide against humanity!

They murdered about six thousands civilians but reported only four thousand deaths - and how many old and young defenseless people are dying while I'm typing this outcry? Poroshenko not only stole their pensions, but he cut off the lifesavings of hard-working miner's families, teachers and doctors! His tanks were aimed directly at their schools, kindergartens, hospitals, bridges, townhouses, beaches, parks, bus stations, maternity wards, train stations, airports, churches and foreign reporters!

Now imagine for a second if Crimea did not go back to Russia, where it has always belonged! There would be no more place where people could walk along the beaches holding hands, without wondering if they would live another day to enjoy the Black Sea's paradise! The power-dazed Poroshenko may have already bombed it as well as he is advancing now in Novorossiya.  

Did Joe Biden advise the new criminal Ukrainian administration to create a false flags provocation to discredit the defense army of Novorossiya? Every time his plane lands in Kiev there are more and bolder atrocities in the Souther and Eastern parts of Ukraine!

Just days ago, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine addressed in a letter to Vasily Gritsak, (the Head of the Anti-Terrorism Center at the Security Service of Ukraine and First Deputy Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine), the need to stage a few televised brutal attacks on the civilians with maximum damages, involving the third party who would have witnessed it in order to discredit the defense army, putting the whole blame on the separatists.

I will not disclose the sources that made this information available to me in order to protect the brave soldiers fighting for their land.  Here is the link I found, but it's only a part of actual vile briefing.  I read the whole letter signed by Nalyvaichenko himself in Ukrainian and Russian languages translated by the concerned separatists and dated December 4th. 

Now can anyone explain, why everyone is pressing Putin to continue the peaceful agreement dialogue signed in Minsk? What is going on with the cease fire from both sides is cynical talk, as President Poroshenko continues to send more tanks to Novorossyia and the U.S. Congress is ready to dispatch more arms to Kiev?

Three of the new lethal weapons were smuggled by a sneaky Biden when he visited Kiev. News about it with the pictures of the newest dangerous weapons were flying all over the internet. This time the sources were the U.S. citizens! There are many admirers of President Putin among the Americans! Most of them wished Putin had been their President instead of the currently presiding, proclaimed as an "empty suit" Obama!

Why did Washington put the bullying blame game on Putin again? He has no control over the situation in Ukraine. His army never crossed the Ukrainian border! Save these tanks-border-crossing talks for another fairy tale to scare the Baltic State's children! But Novorossyians are grateful to Russia for the only humanitarian aid they received time after time. Russia sent tons of food, medicine and construction materials to cope with the chilly winter. Most huts and housing complexes in Novorossyia were deliberately destroyed with profound precision by the National Ukrainian army, controlled by that officially proclaimed the Nazi-styled group!  

Volunteers are doing what they can to patch up holes, despite bullets flying over their heads to help neighbors to stay warm. Some died while doing the repairs for their close community. Without Russian humanitarian help, people will die from the starvation!

Poroshenko seems to lose his wits, demanding to keep Ukraine unbroken, while cutting DNL and DNR off from the financial assistance.  He promotes a dire genocide, the killing of his own people! Why are Europe and other continents silent? Have they lost their sense of shame all of a sudden? Are they afraid that Obama will start bombing them next?

The ceasefire scheme is another plot that must be revealed so people can take a closer look at the Ukrainian administration. Collectively we can prevent a staged tragedy by turning it into a failed and publically booed play!  Let's keep the curtains down.


Victoria F. Lee

December 6, 2014



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey