Oleg Andreev: Uncle Sam's polite smile is deceitful, demagogic and ominous

Last week NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Council of Europe's Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland stated there was no desire for a Cold War with Russia. Both these politicians are Norwegian and highly experienced and as cunning as a fox. And it is not accidental according to a professor, sociologist, political analyst, business consultant, specialist for international regional studies on issues related to "European Union and Russian Federation" Oleg Andreev.

"I think there were intensive negotiations, brainstorming, coordination of standpoints, and they made a coordinated announcement almost on the same day," the expert noted.

That said, according to him, NATO Secretary General takes an absolutely pro-American, tougher and more aggressive stand, and Thorbjørn Jagland takes a more moderate, calm, pension like stand closer to the European realities.

"I think that the difference in this detail is more substantial and shows USA's and NATO's military and political standpoint. The Norwegian's military and political standpoint is tougher towards Russia," Oleg Andreev told a Pravda.Ru correspondent.

The expert didn't agree with Jagland's cunning opinion as to the fact that the world became multipolar. He thinks that the world is still on the way to multipolarity. "Currently I see formation of a new tripolar world order - United States of America, Russia and China," Oleg Andreev stated.

According to him, now there is a huge thinking and rethinking process in Norway, Europe and USA, in governments, ministries, think tanks, among current and former politicians, diplomats, generals, high officials, etc., and I suspect that Council of Europe, EU, NATO and USA will be changing their standpoints. And if "there will be changing standpoints, Russia will resume active operation in PACE, the more so because almost the fifth part of funding of this democratic talkfest is provided by the Russian government".

But the issue on Ukraine is of paramount principle, NATO and USA must ensure that Ukraine will one hundred percent not join and take part in NATO, otherwise it will be an even greater NATO expansion to the east, Russia cannot allow for such an expansion. Too many times Russia was deceived by cunning and aggressive rulers of USA in 1990-2000s, having destroyed the Warsaw Pact and strengthened and expanded NATO. Vladimir Putin, Sergey Lavrov and Russian government realize it and will not allow for it. "Having staged a coup in Ukraine, USA crossed a line of Russian patience, Uncle Sam's polite democratic smile is deceitful, demagogic, ominous, aggressive and dangerous for the world peace and especially in Europe," Oleg Andreev noted.

"I'd like to add that when I read these two interviews I was surprised and then pleasantly surprised. Because somehow I didn't even expect these two politicians to have such standpoints, after all they are State Department, CIA, loyal conductors and executives of the American influence in Europe and the world," the expert said.

He noted that our government took a very wise and balanced stand. "Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov showed restraint and diplomacy of the highest level. President Vladimir Putin exhibited nothing but outstanding abilities of an intelligence officer, negotiator and simply a wise man. And Americans and Europeans understood that it is a special situation. Plus the position of Russian people - unquestioning support for Putin,' Oleg Andreev pointed out.

The expert also added that American politicians, European analysts and politicians are sure that Russia is a power. That one must not talk to Russia from a position of strength. That Russia is not Syria, Libya and Yugoslavia. It is impossible to bomb Russia.

"Aside from the Anglo-Saxon Jewish world, there is the East, the South, China, India, South Africa, Brazil and there is BRICS. There is Argentina, divided contradicting Arab world, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, etc. Therefore Americans, and following Americans as their interlayer - Council of Europe, European Union, NATO as a combat military and political Euro-Atlantic organization - change their standpoint," the political analyst concluded in an interview to a Pravda.Ru correspondent.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov