See the lights

Not long ago, back in February of this year, the whole world (or much of it) looked forward to the 2014 Winter Olympics. I did too. The host country, Russia, promised to showcase their very best for all those nations that were entered. And President Vladimir Putin made sure that the attendees would not be disappointed especially after the huge hype leading up to the opening ceremonies.

And why would they? This year's venue was Sochi, a splendid resort situated on the north coast of the Black Sea. The entire city was transformed. Putin spared no expense in the preparations. Some reliable foreign sources tabulated the final figure as high as $60 billion. Daz a lot of bread!

Prior to the opening ceremonies, I was one of those who preferred to watch the events unfold on the TV set in the comfort of my home. The alpine events are my favorites. Especially the ski jumps. But like everything else performed on an elaborate stage that captures the entire world's attention, things were not quite what they appeared. Something was amiss. It seemed then that whenever countries gathered together to enjoy a common theme like international sporting competitions other darker forces took notice as well; but from a different if not sinister perspective. The foreign press was quick in picking up the terrorist threat. And they were right. Islamists from the Caucasus region of Russia made plenty of overt threats to all the participants: They would kill them. On arrival!

Russia, ever vigilant took those threats seriously. With breakneck speed and in blitzkrieg fashion the security forces 'knocked out' the posturing, terrorist menace wherever they were found hiding. After many 'cells' were summarily liquidated, Russia deemed the operations a success. All was well. Sochi and the Winter Olympics were saved and declared safe for travel from abroad. This message assuaged almost all of the countries. They came straight away, save one.

Not one for salacious speech, but at the moment I heard that America had parked a battleship just off the Black Sea coast I leapt to my feet and bleated 'WTF'! They brought a warship; front and center to the Olympics to evacuate their athletics 'just in case'? That can't be true. But it was. Now if that isn't a poke in your gracious host's face with a sharp stick I don't know how else to interpret such a provocative move. And you can be doubly sure if trouble did break out that the destroyer would only transport their 'exceptional' people. No doubt about it!

The warship alongside Sochi was really a harbinger of worse things to come from the crafty American subterfuge. Meanwhile, 800 miles north-west up the coast in Ukraine the Americans were planning their own brand of festivities. The U.S. State Department already had jackboots down on the ground in Kiev. And they were busy little bees: organizing, bribing and funding a violent and murderous protest known as Maidan in the capitol city's main square.

So persuasive and pervasive was the U.S. state terrorist sponsor's efforts at media/crowd manipulation, the 'Euro' message all too quickly inspired the blood thirsty mob to launch a palace coup. In the violence that ensued, the foreign mercenaries managed to depose the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych. In its place, an illegitimate band of thugs composed primarily of fascist/luntatiks as well anarchists seized power, but in breach of their promise to abide by new elections as signatories to the February 28th Agreement with Yanukovych .

Then summer arrived in Ukraine. But instead of scenes of the populace enjoying the balmy weather and halcyon days, we saw citizens in the eastern half covered in much blood as witness to the colossal destruction to their homes everywhere they retreated to. That whole scale slaughter, was a direct result of the civil war launched against them by the newly 'elected democratic' regime of Emperor Portly Poroshenko.

Now, winter's not far off for Ukraine. Instead of looking forward to brighter days around Christmas, most citizens will experience much darkness and cold. By then most likely, the Russian gas will cease to flow.

The lyrics of a fine tune by the Scottish pop band, Simple Minds, are apropos to describe the Ukrainians' fast approaching dire plight.

Summer's gone winter's in your eyes I can feel the thunder storms inside I wake every morning and the cold winds cover me All I've got is a ghost of what could be If you can see the lights shine in front of me If you can see the lights shout out where you'll be

Hope in god those last two lines are true for all the peoples of Ukraine.



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey