Warriors of Novorossiya

Lately, I find myself spending more and more time reading what the resistance bloggers of Novorossiya have to say.  Their blogs are my personal choice over other news.  Firsthand and updated situations tell the reality of the crisis on the warzone, before it reaches the primary news such as RT or Russian Channel 1.

By Victoria F. Lee

Both are doing a tremendous job, jeopardizing their lives going on location to inform us what's going on the Eastern part of Ukraine! But the independent bloggers actually live with the resistance army. They sleep in trenches or in open fields and document every move on the battlefield, risking their lives during the "truce" period when there was artillery shelling of the Ukrainian army.  They share the little food they have with stray cats and dogs that follow them during relocation.

The bloggers are young men spread throughout different battalions who call themselves war correspondents. They conduct interviews with brigade commanders and soldiers, asking direct questions, such as what brought them to become volunteers. The answers were almost the same. "I fight for my land to protect my children and kin from uprising fascism."  There is a strict discipline and unity you would never have found among the Ukrainian battalions.

The insane debates on Ukrainian TV stations that Russian tanks had crossed their territory, shelled at their cities and killed civilians are continuous propaganda.  Mad attacks on Russian involvement have no proof!  The amateurish Photoshopped  "evidence" produced a round of laughs among the official press reporters. True, there are a few unpaid volunteers from Russia, Spain, France, Serbia, Hungary, Israel, Brazil and even one American who left a cushy job to join the legendary defenders of Donbas. According to his words, his heart bled when he watched images of the people of Odessa who were burned alive. I saw his interview where he vowed to stay in Donbas and battle the injustice till the end.  He has widely criticized the Washington involvement in the overthrow of the former Ukrainian President and the installation of a new murderous regime.

One thing is clear: The resistance provides news by documenting everything. It includes those being shelled and getting wounded while cameras are still rolling. They are ready to die with the camera in their hands. I salute their bravery.  They exposed the brutality of the Ukrainian government by interviewing a number of surviving locals, who live with no power or water. They witnessed the massive atrocities of the Ukrainian army and welcomed resistance folks with open arms who helped them to obtain food and much needed water.

Resistance fighters mourn their fallen and treat wounded heroes with care and immediate help, regardless of flying bullets. They aren't afraid of dying, securing their wounded first.

Compare the resistance to the Junta's army, which was witnessed by the terrified elderly locals.  The Junta forces disposed their mortally wounded and already dead soldiers in a pit like unwanted waste.  The Ukrainian government doesn't honor their soldiers.  They save money on everything. No compensation to be paid to the families of lost soldiers. Their bodies would never be located.  They would never be identified. Stray dogs will be finishing them off - imagine this gruesome picture! It's a sobering message to all inspiring mercenaries who were jeered to join what I call the Nazi forces.

The resistance army has rules. For example, no alcoholic beverages are allowed among their combatants compared to the drunken Nazis, who robbed the local liquor stores in Donbas on a daily basis. Most of them were high on various narcotics, according to witnesses. Numerous syringes were left behind while the Nazi abandoned their stations. 


As it came to light, the brutes repeatedly raped twelve-year-old girls. They came to Donbas to liberate Ukraine from resistance and ended up raping and killing the local civilians.  The mass graves revealed a beheaded body of a young woman.  Many were without internal organs.  Brutal savages harvested it.  The visibly shaken International observers from EU made somber comments in their reports.

Check this link who are behind this horrific operations - organ harvesting.  What do we know about criminal Semyonchenko and this vile Doctor Olga? Why doesn't the International Human Rights wing of UN start an investigation? Who profits from it? Which countries participate in receiving organs? Google it and you will get your answer.


Meanwhile, against all odds, Semyon Semyonchenko, a relentless radical and commander of the Ukrainian National Guard Donbas special battalion, was awarded the order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, III class. For what you would ask?

This was for getting a wound in his buttocks, perhaps inflicted by friendly fire.

The cost of war is cheap for the Ukrainian army.  Their fight with U.S. tax money and Obama is ready to send them another $48 million to kill more civilians.

The latest provocation came as a peaceful march in Moscow against the Russian "aggression" in Ukraine. I learned days earlier from the partisans in Dnepropetrovsk that it was going to occur.  It was expected to stir up all anti-Putin elements to protest against him personally and destabilize his administration.  

Despite that, Putin showed what democracy really means. He didn't lift a finger to stop it.  His biggest foe, Garry Kasparov, was one of the organizers.  The Azerbaijani native, born in Baku in 1951, who calls himself Russian, lost his Presidential bid in 2008.  A sore loser, he now said that Putin is a bigger threat than ISIS! Wait a minute, Mr. Kasparov. Did you see Putin chopped anyone's head off on camera? This spiteful former chess champion is hissing like a venomous snake when he speaks about President Putin.  Why doesn't he focus his concentration on what is going on in Baku and leave Russia alone!

Over the weekend, peaceful demonstrations against the war took place in Ukraine's three big cities: Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov, controlled by the Ukrainian Government.  The local police and wild crowd bloodied the activists kicking them on the ground in large groups. Many victims were arrested and locked up. You can't find any media reports on these events, but only local eyewitnesses who videotaped it with their cellphones and covered objectively these "peaceful" marches.  The fights in Odessa and Kharkov are still ongoing. That left two young men dead.  The radicals impaled one unfortunate protestor on the fence of Jesus Christ Cathedral in Kharkov.  How sacrilegious these marauders are!

Did Kasparov acknowledge the difference between two countries? Who is more dictatorial and where is the most oppression?

Getting back to the brave bloggers, besides their personal accounts, they have a general center where they submit their stories to summarize overall losses or gains in Novorossiya.

They have managed to maintain their charm and humor, despite the danger on every corner from the bloodthirsty National Guards, formed by the heartless Academi mercenaries. The latter came to fight for the blood money, where the resistance army fights for their land. 



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey