Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

The story of Abdul and David

Once upon a time, Abdul and David lived side by side in an arid land called Palestina which despite being dry, nevertheless provided them with bread, olives, fruit, wine, vegetables and also fish, from time to time. Many of David's descendants went away to far-off lands where they made fortunes through usury and other activities.

Meanwhile, Abdul's descendants lived peacefully, making their living through simple agricultural activities, disturbing nobody, as the land changed hands among several invading kingdoms and empires until two thousand years later, David's descendants claimed the land as their own, called on the entire international community to draw lines on maps and give them Palestina.

Under the agreement, David's descendants were to respect the livelihoods and properties of Abdul's but shortly after they moved in, they called their families and friends to come and began stealing the lands and produce there, and sent Abdul's descendants away.  They sent them away from their ancestral homes, told them to leave, and occupied their properties. In any other country in the world this would be classified as burglary, assault, robbery... and those who perpetrated it would be labelled as terrorists, thieves, murderers, robbers, burglars.

Those who complained were punished severely. The international community did nothing.

As the years passed, dozens of colonies were built on land that  David's heavily-armed descendants claimed - more and more of it - and houses were bulldozed, olive groves were torn up, cemeteries were desecrated. All of this activity was financed from outside Palestina by David's descendants, many of whom had grown very rich and powerful.

With billions of dollars pouring in, and the latest state-of-the-art military equipment made available, David's descendants became more arrogant and brasher by the minute and called the lands they had stolen "The lands of Milk and Honey". From time to time, Abdul's descendants rose up in anger, but being poor and ill-equipped, they were crushed with a massive use of force in which families were slaughtered. Yes, families...including women and children.

Today, one and a half million of Abdul's descendants, many of them expelled from their homes in what David's descendants now call Israel, live in the most densely populated territory on Earth, called Gaza. Today, some representatives of the children and grandchildren of Abdul fire rockets into the lands which were once theirs and from which they were expelled and the descendants of David strafe schools, hospitals and homes with cluster bombs and white phosphorous, burning babies alive, then sniff with derision and say they have the right to defend themselves.

But how do you have the right to defend yourself, or any rights at all for that matter, when you steal people's homes, take their lands, expel them and then claim what they had as your own?

And this after murdering thousands of women and children? Does Israel seriously want to be taken as a member of the international community? Yes? OK then give back all the lands that have been stolen, pay compensation for the illegal occupation and construction of colonies and be serious in setting up a Two-State solution.

And remember, many Jewish people are becoming active against Zionism, the worst scourge to ever afflict those who call themselves Jewish.

PS And today, tanks attacked a UN-sponsored school. Let Israel never ever again claim to be the victim, let Israel never ever again parade a civilian casualty and claim any rights whatsoever. In the Christian Bible, if someone hits you, you turn the other cheek. In the Jewish Bible, the Old Testament... well, read it...

In 2014, Israel has lost it, forever, in the hearts and minds of the international community. Through sheer stupidity. If your neighbour's son steals an apple from your orchard, do you gain anything by decapitating him? As I said, sheer stupidity.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey