Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

The people of the Ukraine were sold a pack of lies

What we are seeing going on in the Ukraine can be understood from the perspective of American political intrigue. The true elite power in America is rapidly losing power and they are in a state of panic. These people are for the most part the former "cold warriors" in America's military and intelligence establishments and their political underlings who are handled by them. The former are mainly remnants left over from the first Bush's reign at the C.I.A. They are "American Firsters" who cloak themselves under the banner of patriotism however their true motivation is simply power for their own self-interests.

            Without conflicts like we are seeing in the Ukraine there is no justification for their existence. It is this Ukrainian crisis that gives them relevance and it also serves a purpose as a distraction to the American electorate from the real issues affecting their daily lives. The average American is starting to wake up to the fact that there is something very foul afoot with their elected officials even if they cannot quite articulate it. One-half of the political spectrum in America literally has nothing to offer the average citizen and this is becoming more blatantly obvious with each passing day for even some of their own supporters. So they need an issue to rally behind and the Ukraine crisis serves that purpose.

Now in this mid-term election and in the presidential election to come security and foreign policy will be front and center just like it was with 9-11. Never mind the fact that within two degrees of separation or so from the people running for public office are the very same people who orchestrated the events in question. These facts are hidden from the public and even from some of the elected officials who are supporting these policies.  Instead you will now have the likes of DICK Cheney who has now suddenly found his public voice with the new Iraq crisis erupting to claim with a straight face that We the People need a guy perhaps like Jeb Bush to lead our country in 2016 to defend us abroad.

            This is the playbook that is now being followed and the absurdity of it would be laughable if the consequences were not so dire. The truth is America has no power in the Ukraine. The event itself was the result of a misinformed populace reacting to a bait and switch public relations stunt. The people of the Ukraine were sold a pack of lies that basically said that they would have to accept an international bank bailout and have economic austerity forced upon them or they would essentially be outcasts of the west. While the former option was basically a noose to hang themselves with they chose it because it was the sexier of the two options that would enable them to pay a few dollars less for an IPad that they could watch Lady Gaga videos with.

            If Russia really wanted to call America's bluff they could hypothetically take the entire Ukraine over tomorrow with virtual impunity. Any consequences that Russia will face from such an action such as economic sanctions have for the most part already been exhausted and the irony of these sanctions is that it will hurt America far worse than Russia. If the petro-dollar were to be delegitimized on the international stage as the sanctions are having the effect of doing thus far then America would be in even more peril economically than it currently is. This of course is of no concern to the people behind these events though for it is their own self-interests they are primarily concerned with scorched-earth policy or not.

            So where does this leave us? An endless quagmire where the current coup government of the Ukraine endlessly whines to America because Russia will not give them free gas? The will to fight this conflict for the average American is non-existent. Anything short of sending John McCain in an Iron Man suit to save the day is a non-starter. So this leaves Russia in the position to maintain order. I would suggest that another cease-fire by Moscow be ordered for all sides with full immunity for the coup conspirators but this time it should be backed up with the threat of sanctions on the Ukraine government if the cease-fire is not followed through. This way it will be clear who is at fault in the court of public opinion in case any future actions after this must unfortunately take place. Too many people are dying and I fear more bloodshed will result if this crisis is allowed to continue as it has been. This action would have the power to possibly negate some of the negative consequences that are currently happening in the Ukraine and it would also not reward some of the bad actors in America who are behind this fiasco and who want it to continue to fester for their own political gain. 

Thank You   

Joseph Hrevnack, Vt.