Author`s name Lisa Karpova

Lugansk Genocide-The US war against Russia

The mainstream western media has an information blackout about yesterday's horrendous, murderous, genocidal attack on Lugansk. Civilians, many of them female office workers, were attacked by CLUSTER BOMBS from a Kiev jet fighter. Many civilians were killed.

Thus far, genocidal attacks on Southeastern Ukraine have resulted in 181 people killed, 293 injured

"Ukraine's Air Force struck Lugansk downtown at 4pm. Military aircraft made a targeted strike, deploying cluster bombs. The administration building is partially destroyed," the government of the Lugansk People's Republic (LNR) said.

Kiev denies the attack on Lugansk and blames self-defense forces, who I guess pasted some wings on their arms, flew magically into the sky and dropped bombs. And this was even after OSCE confirmed it was a Ukrainian airstrike.

Every day, civilians are having their lives destroyed. They are murdered and maimed for life, their homes are completely destroyed. Lugansk was the third genocidal incident in Southeastern Ukraine since the illegal junta took power by force and violence from Ukraine's democratically elected government.

The first incident happened in Odessa when neo-Nazis/fascists trapped individuals in the Trade Union building, setting it on fire while knowing that there were people inside...a deliberate act no doubt done in the name of the resurgent fascist ideology of "Ukraine Uber Alles" and "kill the Russians." The number of people killed has been seriously downplayed by media, while as many as 200-300 were actually murdered.

Another murderous event, with many human casualties, occurred in Mariupol, a major city on the Sea of Azov, Ukraine. On the morning of May 9th, Victory Day, the new Kiev appointed police chief of Mariupol, Valery Androschuk, demanded that strong action should be taken to prevent Victory Day demonstrations in the city. He authorized the use of military weapons to shoot demonstrators. Many innocent, unarmed people were shot and killed as a result.

For the Kiev junta and its stormtroopers, any meeting with the use of St. George ribbons is equal to "terrorism" and "separatism." In actuality, the terrorists are the Kiev junta. They obviously have a problem being accepted by the citizens of the country. Most Ukrainian citizens only want to live in peace in their day-to-day struggle to get by.

The "Orange Revolution" was a total flop and the first American attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine. Yushchenko was voted out, and Timoshenko ended up in prison, where she belongs. Never mind, that didn't discourage the Americans.

According to that slag, that dreg of humanity, Victoria Nuland, 5 billion dollars was poured into Ukraine in order to make a second attempt.

The second attempt was only successful because of the use of neo-Nazi fascist stormtroopers with no moral compass, no humanity, willing to kill man, woman, child, elderly. This violent overthrow of the Ukrainian government was clearly done by the US government. They are so smug and arrogant, they no longer try to hide their role.

Every time some trash from the US arrives in Kiev: McCain, Kerry, Nuland, etc. another mass killing incident happens. They are silent about these killings because not only do they approve of them, they are ordering them.

No one in Russia is fooled by what is happening. It is obvious the target of the Americans is Russia, not just Ukraine. They have committed an act of war against Russia. Having built up a fifth column in both Ukraine and Russia, they now feel confident that their plan of total global domination can be put into place.

I predicted back during the attack on Yugoslavia and the Serbs, that the ultimate target of the Americans and NATO is Russia. They want to effect regime change, like they have in countless other countries, steal the resources, break up the country into controllable little statelets and rule the entire continent of Eurasia.

It is time to put a halt to US imperialism. It is time to crack down on all fifth columnists. It is time to break through the information barrier where the west and the US are able to cover up their crimes and keep their victims silent. If decent people find out what they are up to, they have no choice but to raise their voices and demand the murders stop and demand the fascists in Kiev be punished as the war criminals they are.

The US, and especially President Obama and his henchmen, are living in another universe where up is down, white is black, war is peace. To hear them speak is to hear whispers from an insane asylum, as somehow they justify to themselves all of the innocent blood they have on their hands, as though they shall never be called to account.

They keep trying to blame Russia for everything, when Russia has done nothing wrong and has insisted all along on international law, observing the Constitution of Ukraine and most of all listening to the will of the people. Dialogue and diplomacy, which the west and the US only pretend to participate in, has them using every meeting to browbeat Russia and those being defended by Russia.

Hopefully the trip to hell will be swift and short for these war criminals. Rumor has it that another huge genocidal event is planned for D-Day, when Poroshenko will have the utter audacity to show his face, after what Kiev has done, after the war crimes against civilians. Does Poroshenko rejoice in strafing women with cluster bombs? 

Lisa Karpova