Obama style: Clinging to drones and religion

By Joanna Rosamond

What is Obama's leadership style? Well, it could be characterised as coercive, because his modus operandi includes bullying and demanding immediate compliance; platitudinous, because his speeches are pompous and cliché-ridden; hubristic, because he is a vainglorious boaster, whose body language brings to mind a parody of malignant narcissism. If Obama wanted to be known as a cunning manipulator, his efforts backfired. Psychological manipulation does aim to change the perception of others through deceptive and exploitative methods; however it has a chance of working only if well concealed. Unless his intention was to inform and warn the entire world about taqiyya, Barrack Hussein bombed as an "undercover manipulator". Whatever can be said about Obama and his style, one thing is sure: he is clinging to American drones and his religion. How dangerous can be the combination of these two "passions"?

When Obama mocked people who cling to religion, he meant obviously a religion other than Islam, because "the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam" (Obama's speech during 67th session of the General Assembly at UN headquarters, Sept.25, 2012). If he wanted to pose as a Christian, he should have learnt Ten Commandments; The first one is:"You shall have no other gods before me." Obama doesn't give speeches: he preaches. Sometimes in favour of pseudo-secularism, sometimes to remind that "we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation" (Ankara, press conference, April 6, 2009), sometimes to preposterously pretend that "Islam has always been a part of America's story" (June 4, 2009, Cairo University). If Obama was an apostate, the Muslim world would notice and react...If he was a Christian, he wouldn't undermine his own religion... If he was an atheist, he would not favour one religion over another... Obama is getting more and more entwined in the web of his own "religious" lies and by doing so, he looks more and more deranged and dangerously volatile.

When it comes to defense and security issues, he definitely takes advantage of his power as a Commander -in-Chief: his treatment of soldiers and veterans is shameful. He took a liking to court-martial and is constantly "improving" military punishment system by issuing "Amendments to the Manual for Courts - Martial" (May 15, 2013; /December 13, 2011 /August 31, 2010). Obama has been "droning" America with executive orders:"blocking property of certain persons", limiting freedom of expression and giving himself even more rights.

 He noticeably likes to see himself as an American president and Commander-in-Chief, because it's about him and his power, but how does he care for citizens when it's about "them" and "their" rights?

Listening to Obama's "my military", one can't help but notice, that he somehow considers US fighting force his private property. Following his egotistic logic would mean "my drones", "my nuclear weapons" and"my soldiers fighting my enemies".  Do we need another war? What if Obama does?

 "What Washington needs is adult supervision" (Barack Obama, fundraising letter, Oct. 2006)...Well, it seems these days Washington needs supervision more than ever. And what type of supervision would you recommend for a hubristic leader clinging to American drones and his religion?

Joanna Rosamond

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov